I don’t really remember where we left off.  Kelly has pretty well covered Christmas.  It was a hoot.  Kelly managed to put together Christmas, dinner for 7, and packed all the kids stuff, so we could hit the road early the following day.  Hopefully, I helped here and there. 

Anyway, yeah, we are now in Long Beach.  Like every year, everyone is saying it’s cold, and wearing scarves and beanies, and it’s like 65 and sunny.  The drive was easy, although we did have an accident directly in front of us that left us a bit nervy.  It was sunny pretty much the whole way.  Lowest temp seen on the car’s thermometer was a balmy -13 and highest 62 on the american scale.

We did gifts with Kelly’s family this morning.  I’m sure there will be pics/video eventually, but the girls got to do this awesome scavenger hunt, which ended with these nearly full-size ponies that they can actually ride.  I can’t really describe how sweet they are, but the girls are absolutely in love with them.

More later.


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  1. Yeah, I was looking at the old banner and decided to change it because no having Jared on my homepage seemed ridiculous.

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