Quick Trip to New Mex…

Left Thursday afternoon and was back in time to put the girls to bed on Friday.  Went to visit a distributor for work.  It was pretty low-key.  Somehow I just assume it will be warmer going south, but there was a good 6″ of snow the day we flew in.  I guess Santa Fe is at like 7000′ and only 20 miles from Taos.  I have a bit of a head cold, which always makes travelling a bit of a drag-o-la.  Nabbed the exit row/leg room seat on the return trip, but had an individual with a considerable snoring issue in the seat next to me.  And partially in my seat.  As per.

Oh yeah, and I had my bag searched for having a butter knife with me.  I am not complaining.  I’m glad they checked.  I will make a mental note to remove all the utensils from my bag before my next trip.  They let me keep it, which was nice.

What else?  I guess the highlight of the trip was eating some really good Mexican food for lunch yesterday.  Oh yeah, and I ran on a treadmill for more than like a minute for the first time in my existence.  I felt like Davie in the testing scene of “American Flyers”.

In case anyone missed it on FB and Twitter, the most metal song ever:

I had to…

… take down the post titled “Knocked Up”.  I had used a pic of a certain songstress (who was pregnant and smoking) and I was getting like 200 hits/day from people searching out pictures of her.  Trying not to name her as I don’t want anything similar to come up, rhymes with Whitney Jeers.  In any case, it just weirds me out that many people (and this has been going on for months) are looking at this here weblog for that there purpose. 

Carry on.

Night Ski #6

It was forking cold last night, but I still had a good time.  You meet some interesting characters on the lift when you are flying solo.

For the record, Sundance ended up with something like 4.5′ of new snow last week, while the Cottonwoooooood resorts are saying something like 8′.  It was coming down again pretty good in Pee-town when I left this morning with a couple inches on the ground.  Oddly, there was only a dusting when I got to work.

Well, work just blew up in my face, so I guess I better go now.

New Direction

So, I am pretty amped on getting this whole 2010 bike racing thing going.  2009 was a bit of an eye opener for me.  Starting the new team, having a great year there, but not quite feeling myself all year.  I managed to win 3 races, which I think is pretty good for someone in my situation, but the only day I felt really “on” was at Bear Lake, and I think I had AB on my side that day.  He was on my side at the AB Memorial Crit too, but the only day I had that “oh yeah, I’m gonna win today!” feeling was at Bear Lake.

I like that feeling. 

And I’m trying to do what I can to feel that way more often.  It’s not easy (it wouldn’t be worth much, if it were) as family, and work, are priority one and two with cycling falling pretty far off the back somewhere.  Rightly so.  But, if I pretend it’s not still hugely important to me, I am lying.  So, how do I train around 55+ hours weekly commute and work time with the sweetest girls in the world waiting for me when I get home?  Yes, cutting the commute down would help.  And maybe we’ll work in that direction.  And yes, I can get back on the bike commuting wagon in a couple months.  And that helps.  But I needed to do something immediately. 

I have pretty much always been of the opinion that running is bad for cycling and slows you down.  For whatever reason, I picked it up in the fall… under the guise of keeping our spastic dogs under control, but I guess mostly just to maintain some fitness.  I typically gain a few pounds through the winter… I know some people are laughing, and yeah, I’m still pretty skinny, but it’s all about power-to-weight.  Even racing crits (which I wish we had more of!), you have to accelerate that mAss out of every corner. 

Anyway, the point is, I don’t think running is making me slower.  I feel good.  On the bike.  I still don’t enjoy running.  Some days, I do, but mostly, whether I go fast or slow, it still just hurts.  Anyway, I feel strong.  Like way ahead of where I’ve been in past winters, despite less time on the bike.  Maybe I am duping myself psychologically, but that’s good too.

Baby girl v. 3.0 is due in less than 3 months and that will make the game all the more challenging.  But, yeah, my motivation is better than ever.  When I had all the time in the world, it was easier to squander.  Now, if I have an hour, I make the most of it.  I change faster than Superman.

I still want it.  Here’s to the good times.