Back to Reality…

… but not just yet.  Leaving for Utah in the morning.  REAAAALLY pleased with the decision to take an extra day of vay-cay.  I don’t really remember where I left off, but the last couple days have been pretty full of rad.  Unseasonably warm temperatures and some hot biking action.  Friday was the New Year’s Day ride, which I think is pretty much tradition for me as I’ve done it the last 4 years or so.  Odd as I always skipped it when we lived here.  Anyway, the ride is like 90 miles and the first and last hour are pretty much like a race.  The rest is a little more mellow, but I still ended up with over 100 miles in less than 4.5 hours.

Saturday I rode with Kelly’s dads club, which is always an adventure.  Nothing too crazy, but another solid day in the sun.  We went to the beach in the afternoon.  We didn’t bring suits as we weren’t expecting summer weather, but that didn’t stop the girls from getting soaked within 10 minutes of arrival.

Today I did Como Street, a traditional socal group ride that’s been around for like 50 years.  It’s pretty much like a race.  Back in the day, I would get on my bike at like 5:30 and ride to the ride, crush it, and ride home, making for a 7 hour+ day.  Now, I am old and don’t do that sort of stuff, but it was a good test of form and I’m pleased with the result… meaning I felt really forking good.  Took a walk to the park with the girls in the arvo, then washed and vacuumed the car in prep for Operation Homeward Bound.

Kelly’s brother, Andrew, is in the process of moving out, which is pretty exciting and there’s been a fair amount of other fun family stuff happening, but I think we’ve covered the riding highlights and I’m getting bored.  I’m sure you are dying for more, but I’m going to have to cut you off for now.

Hasta manana, Provo!!


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