Happy Birthday Kelly!!

This was the oldest pic I could find on my computador.  Not sure why it is formatted so weird.

In any case, to my Kelly… Thanks for all you do, happy birthday, and love always.



This guy is an Olympic gold medalist!  

The one on the back. 

And a silver medalist to boot.  Pretty good week for Billy Demong. 

He told me he read the blog one time, but I’m guessing he’ll never see this.  Probably busy with Good Morning America or whatever it is that Olympic Gold medallists do. 

What an incredible accomplishment.  Just getting to the games is huge and then to beat the best at the most important event with the entire world watching.  I am in awe and inspired and it couldn’t happen to a nicer (or harder working!) guy.


Just a quick update… I am in Minnessota.  As the event name implies, it’s not very warm here.  Everyone keeps claiming it’s warmer than normal, but if that’s the case normal is pretty cold.  I guess. 

5:50 flight meant a 3:00 am wake up call this morning, working the weekend- instead of working for the weekend, return flight is supposed to get in at 11:40 Sunday night- home by 1:00 and back to work Monday morning.  A whirlwind.

Anyway, that’s all I have for the moment.

That post…

was a drag-o-la.

Here’s the good news… I ordered one of these, butcept in blue and with Reynolds wheels (life is too short to ride alloy):

Yeah, my life’s path towards ultimate bike nerdiness has kicked into high gear in the last six months.  First, a triathlon.  Now, a tandem.  How long until I am cruising down the road on a recumbent?


Like Mama always said “Life is like a box of chocolates “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  Yeah, I think that she was referring to when we fought as kids, but all the same, I haven’t had a lot of niceties to report recently.   Honestly, I’d probably prefer to go ahead and spill my guts all over this weblog, but… I can’t. 

 In any case, like it says on Sleevie’s ankle, “This too shall pass”. 

You can check his ankle, it’s there.

Night Ski #8

Hit up the big ‘dance again last night with Jefro.  It was super crusty as we have not had snow in awhile.  Usually, the harder runs stay in decent shape, but pretty much the whole front mountain was tracked out.  Of course, it is snowing this morning!  While last night was not ideal, I do enjoy that the snow is always a little different.  It’s like surfing in that respect.  You never know exactly what you are going to get when you drop in and you have to be able to adapt and change technique with conditions.  I guess that’s like life in general!

Night Ski #7 and “Where’s Turbo?” the 2010 edition

Well, it seems I’m aways off those who ski 100 days/year, but in any case, I did get out on Wednesday night with the Jeffro.  I hadn’t really crashed this year… I mean you slide on your hip a little and pop back up, sure, but I hadn’t done a real ass over tea kettle yet.  I managed THREE such falls on Wednesday night.  The more frequent reader will recognize that Jeff is working as a ski instructor this year.  As such, he has been giving me some tips.  As such, I am trying to relearn some techniques that I have maybe figured out my own way of getting through an obstacle, which is not necessarily the best way.   In any case, I am blaming my rash of serious head first crashes on trying to relearn how to ski the steeper stuff.  Progression Through Unlearning as Snapcase would say.

Oh yeah, this is a big bike ride.  I am 3rd wheel.