Night Ski #7 and “Where’s Turbo?” the 2010 edition

Well, it seems I’m aways off those who ski 100 days/year, but in any case, I did get out on Wednesday night with the Jeffro.  I hadn’t really crashed this year… I mean you slide on your hip a little and pop back up, sure, but I hadn’t done a real ass over tea kettle yet.  I managed THREE such falls on Wednesday night.  The more frequent reader will recognize that Jeff is working as a ski instructor this year.  As such, he has been giving me some tips.  As such, I am trying to relearn some techniques that I have maybe figured out my own way of getting through an obstacle, which is not necessarily the best way.   In any case, I am blaming my rash of serious head first crashes on trying to relearn how to ski the steeper stuff.  Progression Through Unlearning as Snapcase would say.

Oh yeah, this is a big bike ride.  I am 3rd wheel.


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