Like Mama always said “Life is like a box of chocolates “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  Yeah, I think that she was referring to when we fought as kids, but all the same, I haven’t had a lot of niceties to report recently.   Honestly, I’d probably prefer to go ahead and spill my guts all over this weblog, but… I can’t. 

 In any case, like it says on Sleevie’s ankle, “This too shall pass”. 

You can check his ankle, it’s there.


9 thoughts on “Downer

  1. This the downside to blogs… you can’t always open up about stuff going on because you don’t want to offend some of the people you know read or get yourself in trouble. If I had time, I would keep a good old-fashioned journal again.

  2. you could always talk about Dave Hardman getting 4th in the road race at VOS…that’s pretty awesome for Dave. He’s such a stud. Nice guy too. At least that would be something nice to talk about.

  3. Yes, I could talk about Hardwood coming 4th in the RR, 10th G.C., or Dustin coming 7th in the 2’s, but then you would just think I am racing vicariously. And that’s one step below bench racing.

  4. yeah, and what’s wrong with bench racing? were it not for bench racing some guys (like The Gap) would never enter a race, period. It also allows the “masters” racers to race with the “elite” racers, aka the old men and the 12k dreamers slugging it out.

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