That post…

was a drag-o-la.

Here’s the good news… I ordered one of these, butcept in blue and with Reynolds wheels (life is too short to ride alloy):

Yeah, my life’s path towards ultimate bike nerdiness has kicked into high gear in the last six months.  First, a triathlon.  Now, a tandem.  How long until I am cruising down the road on a recumbent?


5 thoughts on “That post…

  1. Didn’t we already have this discussion? As soon as you enter a master’s race you are a master’s racer, but not before!!

  2. Don’t worry…you’ll be a 50 year old hangin onto the dream…then you’ll grow a beard and ride a recumbent. BTW, no matter what, when you hit 35, you’re a masters racer…you might just be racing the elite race.

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