Just a quick update… I am in Minnessota.  As the event name implies, it’s not very warm here.  Everyone keeps claiming it’s warmer than normal, but if that’s the case normal is pretty cold.  I guess. 

5:50 flight meant a 3:00 am wake up call this morning, working the weekend- instead of working for the weekend, return flight is supposed to get in at 11:40 Sunday night- home by 1:00 and back to work Monday morning.  A whirlwind.

Anyway, that’s all I have for the moment.


3 thoughts on “Frostbike

  1. There we go!! I was on call EACH of the last two weekends. I’ve not had a day off since January. Tomorrow is my first. Damn I need it. Don’t work too hard, but I know how much those weekends suck.

  2. That’s good perspective. If I came across as whiny, I shouldn’t be. I am pretty much standing around talking bikes all weekend, which is not so hard. Looking forward to seeing my girls, though.

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