The End.

As discussed, I skipped the hc.  As it was an omnium, and not a stage race, you can do that.

Sorry, but trying to fit a 75 minute crit, a hillclimb TT, and a 85 mi RR into a 24 hour period is cruel and unusual.

Anyway, I was up a good chunk of the night coughing and blowing snot rockets.  I thought about bailing on the RR too, but wanted to be there for the team.  And I’ve felt worse and done well, so you never know.

We were up for 7 laps of a 12 mile course, that was pretty much gradually up for half and then back down. It was windy, but at least the sun came out.  I got dropped the 2nd time on the climb, but then I started feeling pretty good when I chasing back on.  Like I opened my lungs up or something.  Then at the end of the 3rd lap, I flatted.  Through my arm up in the air, and started pulling the wheel off.  The pick-up truck following, which I had assumed was the wheel car, was kind enough to hit the gas and blow black smoke at me as he drove past, so I put my wheel back on and rode the flat back to the start/finish.  Apparently, the wheel car had followed the break of 2 guys rather than the field.  So it goes.

Because I’d driven with Sleevie, I got to watch the rest of the race.  The wind kept picking up and I was freezing the rest of the day.  I was lucky enough to borrow a masculine pink baby blanket for the remainder of the race, which I hid under.  Good company…  Thanks, friends.

Couple notes- Sam “Blitz” Krieg is flying.  He won the TT and the RR.  World’s fastest Cat. 2?  I think so.  I am pretty sure he has doubled the mandatory upgrade points for the past 3 years or so. Canyon also has 3 on absoute crush form.  Hardwood won the overall, Sohmy won the crit solo the last 20 min+, and Josh was alone for 90% of the RR before being caught and still hanging for 3rd.  My guys gave it everything- it was evident in the faces rolling into the finish- and wound up 4th, 5th, and 6th overall.  Sometimes you just get beat!  I am confident we will turn some of these close results to wins soon.

If you want the details, see the team report on FB, or send me your email and I’ll include you on the sponsor email list.

One other thing and I hate to complain (yes, I am going to anyway) because I am glad there was a race, but the crit and road race courses both had less than 100 meters from the last corner to the finish.  The rule is a minimum 200 meters.  And it’s for a reason.  This will come up at the state crit again, as it does every year.  The crit course was also a good chunk just cones making bends in a parking lot.  Hmm.  Anyway, like I said I’m glad there was a race, so if anyone reads it that was involved… A sincere thank you! 

I left Kelly home alone on Saturday with two kids and 9 months preg-o, and she was super sweet on me when I came home.  Grateful.

Up a good chunk of the night again.  This is rare for me.  I generally sleep like a baby (I have a feeling I will regret that analogy very soon!!) so I hope this trend does not continue.  There is a lot of good TV on between 3-4:30 am.  Or not.



Bike race #1 for 2010 done and dusted.  Bikes For Kids Omnium St. 1 Crit at Thanksgiving Point…

If you want the team report, you can see it on Facebook.  This one is all about me.  Imagine that.

So, team meeting here’s me: “okay, guys, it’s gonna split fast with the wind.  Stay in the front and close the gaps as soon as you see them start to open”.

Should’ve probably listened to myself. 

It was cold and windy, and snowed for a few minutes.  Big group got away early, more like a field split than a breakaway.  Nearly all the hitters present.  Kicking myself.  I wasn’t particularly good anyway, but it’s just… I’ve been doing this long enough not to be stoopid.

I am going to guess I ended up something like 12th.  Pretty much was out of it after the move went, just going through the motions and waiting for it to be over.

Yes, I am hard on myself, but everyone in our family sacrifices for me to do it, and if I am going to continue, I am going to continue sucessfully.

I am going to skip the hillclimb since that is not my cup of pee anyway.  Dustin did a good ride and should be good at the climb, so we’ll throw our support behind him for the overall.  Most likely.

Real post coming… I mean it this time.

I think Twitter/FB are draining my ability to write more than 140 characters.

I wish I knew how to twit you.

What a weird day.

So… I am all reg’d up for this weekend’s big bike meet.  I am excited to get back to it, but can’t fight the feeling that Kelly is going to pop before the race.  I’m probably wrong.  I’m so paranoid about that. 

When Haley was still in the oven, I did this one race out in the sticks with a beeper (not just for doctors and drug dealers anymore) in pocket ’cause I knew I’d get no cell signal out in the wild, wild west.

Anyway, I better shut up before this becomes a real post.  Now I’ve built that up.  Have to come up with something good…


I guess I confused some people on FB, same status as the post below.

Kelly is not in labor! Yet.  Just an update from her regular appointment.  Still sounds like it should be pretty soon though.

In other doctor/hospital related news, Morgan and Kelly are back at the doctor tonight.  After almost a day off, her fever returned.  That is a full week with a fever.  I hope they have some answers when they return. Morg is a trooper, but it would nice to have everyone healthy to welcome the new edition (not the band “new edition”) or even for Kelly to get a decent nights’ sleep before the birth.  Cause she ain’t gettin’ one after!  Same for me, sadly.

Real post to come.  No, I mean it this time.

The State of Morgan and San Dimas Memories

Followers of Kelly’s weblog are pretty much up-to-date on this, but Morgan has been sick for six days now.  Fever everyday- up to 103.  The doctors, or nurses as it turns out, are pretty much just saying “wait it out”, which I’m not very good at.  And Kelly is worse.  And 9 months pregnant.

I’m not real good at just hanging around… but I’m trying not to be that guy that is gone all week at work and then abandons the family for his own selfish endeavors. And I think we all know what that means.

San Dimas road race is today.  One of my favorites, and yeah, I am probably a bit nostalgic.  I always am, but moreso with the current situation.  So many memories.  I think the first three times I did the race I was in the early move (I know, not that surprising), and ended up off the front for 100k+ each time.  Of course, it (the race) wasn’t such a big deal back then.  They used to run the race in June and it was always like 100 degrees.  Celsius.  Okay, that may be an exagerration, but it felt like it.  Anyway, you couldn’t really skip a feed without dying.  So one year, Kelly’s in the feedzone for me and I am stuck on the wrong side of the group as we enter the feedzone.  Luckily, I applied my Go-Go-Gadget arms and reached over two guys to grab the bottle away from her.  She was amazed and I actually had a couple people comment on it.  What can I say, I NEEDED it.  Now that I’m thinking about it, Andrew worked the feed zone for me there too, after riding the junior race.  That had to make a long day.  Anyway, like I said, lots of memories.

Spring has brought me such a nice surprise…

Yeah, absolutely loving the weather at the moment.  Definitely would have been a good day to leave on the lunch ride and just never come back!  To go from riding in the wind and snow over the weekend to mid-60’s is fair enough.  It’s the going back I dread!  It is so hard to pull out all the cold weather crap again once you are used to the fair weather. 

In other news, Haley and Morgan are both sick.  Actually, Haley seems to be coming around, but Morg had a fever of almost 103 earlier.  It blows me away ’cause she’s just a bit more whiny and cranky than average, whereas I know if I had that temp, I’d be down for the count.

Of course, that does make me wonder when/if it’s going to hit me.  Hopefully Kelly’s immunities are up with the pregnancy and she can avoid it.

Oh yeah, how could I forget this gem?  On my drive home today, right around the Utah County line there was one of those big info signs that usually tells you “Fatality Ahead. Expect Delays” or whatever…Anyway, today it says “Drunk Driving Laws Enforced”.  That may not be spot on, but pretty close.  Like “What-what?  I figgered with it being St. Paddy’s day and all, we had a free pass”.  Maybe you don’t find that as funny as I do.  Or maybe you do.

So, no one has commented… What do you think of the new lay-out?

(Yes, I realize the pic is blurry)

Bike Commute Day 2

Wow, the time change made a big difference on the way in this morning. I thought it was dark last week, but this time was total  Jedi training.  I have knog lights, but they’re pretty much so cars can see you, and not so you can see where you are going.  Along the 15 frontage road before and after Thanksgiving Point, I was completely using the force.  I could get an occassional sighting of the yellow line, but no idea where the edge of the road was.  Lucky there was no road kill for me to hit. Kujo came after me again, in a completely different area.   Now, because Kelly will worry otherwise, I’ll say that I am exagerrating.

I was going to ride at lunch, but opted to update my dorky weblog instead.  Probably a good call since last time I was pretty much on my hands and knees the last 10 miles home.  HOPEFULLY, the wind is not as strong today.  The bonus is that it’s 60 (which it was NOT at 5:30 this morning) and it will be light for the entire ride home.

36 miles, a bit under 2 hours, I’m sure I burned some calories, and it’s likely my heart was beating.  Oh yeah, and watts.  Lots of watts. Hopefully, it’s pretty much the same on the way home.  Unlike last week where there was an extra 30 minutes due to the breeze!

The Big News

First off, let me thank Jared.  He is always there to let me know when my blogging form drops off (see comments on the post below).  BTW, I was going to link to him, but you know, his weblog seems to have disappeared.  Chirp, chirp.

Anyway, yeah, I have been slacking on updates.  I haven’t rescued any beached whales, or hijacked a school bus full of penguins or anything lately, so not much to write.  And there’s that whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say (or write), don’t say anything” issue.  Not a lot of niceties to report at the moment.

All that said, I do have some big news.  I am re-launching this weblog as well as the entire Turbo Cycling brand over the weekend.  I’ll also be changing my name to Turbo v. 6.4, so you may want to update your records.  Should be pretty exciting.  Look for it in next weeks’ Teen People.

On the other hand, I may just go for a ride and then take the girls skiing.

One place I will not be is Tour del Sol.  I’ll go ahead and tell you, I’m pretty bummed.  It’s pretty much the official kick-off of our team racing as a unit (a big unit), so to not be there is not ideal.  Kelly is a month from go time howev, and I don’t think traveling now is the best idea. 

Good memories from the last time they had it.  It wasn’t called Tour del Sol, and I don’t think the same crew is running it, but same idea… early season 3 stage race in St. George.  I won the last stage and ended up in 2nd overall, like 20 seconds down on a certain Burke Swindlehurst, who went on to win Tour of the Gila a week or so later.  So yeah, good memories. 

Also, Kelly did the race 15 years (possibly more) ago when it was called the Chums Classic. 

Chums… Totally radical.

Bike Commute Day 1

Did the big commute for the first time this morning.  37 miles in a bit under 2 hours with a backpack.  Had a tailwind though, so that’s obviously cheating.  If the spirits are willing, the wind will switch and I’lll cheat again going home.  It was pretty cloudy overnight, so the temp didn’t drop so much and was probably around 40 when I left at 5:30.  I’ll take that.  I’ll take that to the bank.  I’ll take that to the bank and deposit it.

Anyway, hit a very brief sprinkle (not even enough to get wet) and was chased by Kujo, but other than that it was pretty straight forward.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… we had a team meeting last night and got all the new kit.  I love looking down and seeing something new. 

 That sounds like I had a sex change, which is not the case, merely changed clothes. 

In any case, I couldn’t see them most of this morning’s ride anyway since it was dark.  Whatever, the point is, I like new stuff.