Night Ski #9

Took Morgan up to the ‘Dance for her first ski experience last night.  Kelly and Haley went along for moral support. 

Being that I am not that good myself, I am maybe not the best teacher, but she did great.  She seems to have a good bit less fear than Haley, which helps.  Maybe it’s better to start younger (3 as opposed to 5) before the relation of falling and pain is too ingrained.  Or maybe it’s just their personalities.  I don’t know. 

I do know that skiing with kids is a workout.  My twiggly legs were starting to twitch from snowplowing so hard. 

“Sorry there’s no snow left on the mountain everybody, just trying to keep this kids’ speed under control!”

As usual, riding the lift was probably the highlight.

For my out-of-state homies, it’s been beautiful here.  Mid 50’s and sunny as a rule, rather than an exception.  I think I should try a bike commute soon… although it’s not quite that warm at 5:30!


2 thoughts on “Night Ski #9

  1. havent even read the post yet, but morgan’s excitement in that picture is one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a long time!

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