Bike Commute Day 1

Did the big commute for the first time this morning.  37 miles in a bit under 2 hours with a backpack.  Had a tailwind though, so that’s obviously cheating.  If the spirits are willing, the wind will switch and I’lll cheat again going home.  It was pretty cloudy overnight, so the temp didn’t drop so much and was probably around 40 when I left at 5:30.  I’ll take that.  I’ll take that to the bank.  I’ll take that to the bank and deposit it.

Anyway, hit a very brief sprinkle (not even enough to get wet) and was chased by Kujo, but other than that it was pretty straight forward.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… we had a team meeting last night and got all the new kit.  I love looking down and seeing something new. 

 That sounds like I had a sex change, which is not the case, merely changed clothes. 

In any case, I couldn’t see them most of this morning’s ride anyway since it was dark.  Whatever, the point is, I like new stuff.

7 thoughts on “Bike Commute Day 1

  1. old= senior citizen discounts
    master’s racer = someone who has raced master’s
    I consider it an accomplishment… at least let me do it before you give me the credit!

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