Bike Commute Day 2

Wow, the time change made a big difference on the way in this morning. I thought it was dark last week, but this time was total  Jedi training.  I have knog lights, but they’re pretty much so cars can see you, and not so you can see where you are going.  Along the 15 frontage road before and after Thanksgiving Point, I was completely using the force.  I could get an occassional sighting of the yellow line, but no idea where the edge of the road was.  Lucky there was no road kill for me to hit. Kujo came after me again, in a completely different area.   Now, because Kelly will worry otherwise, I’ll say that I am exagerrating.

I was going to ride at lunch, but opted to update my dorky weblog instead.  Probably a good call since last time I was pretty much on my hands and knees the last 10 miles home.  HOPEFULLY, the wind is not as strong today.  The bonus is that it’s 60 (which it was NOT at 5:30 this morning) and it will be light for the entire ride home.

36 miles, a bit under 2 hours, I’m sure I burned some calories, and it’s likely my heart was beating.  Oh yeah, and watts.  Lots of watts. Hopefully, it’s pretty much the same on the way home.  Unlike last week where there was an extra 30 minutes due to the breeze!


5 thoughts on “Bike Commute Day 2

  1. There is nothing like, getting chased by a dog..

    makes me want to switch to a frame pump.

    I had a nice one too yesterday, this is just that hit or miss period, where we hope for the best, and sometimes the weather doesn’t co-operate. and it bums us out

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