Spring has brought me such a nice surprise…

Yeah, absolutely loving the weather at the moment.  Definitely would have been a good day to leave on the lunch ride and just never come back!  To go from riding in the wind and snow over the weekend to mid-60’s is fair enough.  It’s the going back I dread!  It is so hard to pull out all the cold weather crap again once you are used to the fair weather. 

In other news, Haley and Morgan are both sick.  Actually, Haley seems to be coming around, but Morg had a fever of almost 103 earlier.  It blows me away ’cause she’s just a bit more whiny and cranky than average, whereas I know if I had that temp, I’d be down for the count.

Of course, that does make me wonder when/if it’s going to hit me.  Hopefully Kelly’s immunities are up with the pregnancy and she can avoid it.

Oh yeah, how could I forget this gem?  On my drive home today, right around the Utah County line there was one of those big info signs that usually tells you “Fatality Ahead. Expect Delays” or whatever…Anyway, today it says “Drunk Driving Laws Enforced”.  That may not be spot on, but pretty close.  Like “What-what?  I figgered with it being St. Paddy’s day and all, we had a free pass”.  Maybe you don’t find that as funny as I do.  Or maybe you do.

So, no one has commented… What do you think of the new lay-out?

(Yes, I realize the pic is blurry)


4 thoughts on “Spring has brought me such a nice surprise…

  1. I love the new layout.

    Sorry that the girls are sick. What a bummer with nice weather!

    Can’t wait to see you all!!

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