The State of Morgan and San Dimas Memories

Followers of Kelly’s weblog are pretty much up-to-date on this, but Morgan has been sick for six days now.  Fever everyday- up to 103.  The doctors, or nurses as it turns out, are pretty much just saying “wait it out”, which I’m not very good at.  And Kelly is worse.  And 9 months pregnant.

I’m not real good at just hanging around… but I’m trying not to be that guy that is gone all week at work and then abandons the family for his own selfish endeavors. And I think we all know what that means.

San Dimas road race is today.  One of my favorites, and yeah, I am probably a bit nostalgic.  I always am, but moreso with the current situation.  So many memories.  I think the first three times I did the race I was in the early move (I know, not that surprising), and ended up off the front for 100k+ each time.  Of course, it (the race) wasn’t such a big deal back then.  They used to run the race in June and it was always like 100 degrees.  Celsius.  Okay, that may be an exagerration, but it felt like it.  Anyway, you couldn’t really skip a feed without dying.  So one year, Kelly’s in the feedzone for me and I am stuck on the wrong side of the group as we enter the feedzone.  Luckily, I applied my Go-Go-Gadget arms and reached over two guys to grab the bottle away from her.  She was amazed and I actually had a couple people comment on it.  What can I say, I NEEDED it.  Now that I’m thinking about it, Andrew worked the feed zone for me there too, after riding the junior race.  That had to make a long day.  Anyway, like I said, lots of memories.


3 thoughts on “The State of Morgan and San Dimas Memories

  1. Oh man it was a long day. But Ryan is pretty amazing in the feed zone.

    Ryan always manages to grab the water bottle from the jaws of defeat.

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