Bike race #1 for 2010 done and dusted.  Bikes For Kids Omnium St. 1 Crit at Thanksgiving Point…

If you want the team report, you can see it on Facebook.  This one is all about me.  Imagine that.

So, team meeting here’s me: “okay, guys, it’s gonna split fast with the wind.  Stay in the front and close the gaps as soon as you see them start to open”.

Should’ve probably listened to myself. 

It was cold and windy, and snowed for a few minutes.  Big group got away early, more like a field split than a breakaway.  Nearly all the hitters present.  Kicking myself.  I wasn’t particularly good anyway, but it’s just… I’ve been doing this long enough not to be stoopid.

I am going to guess I ended up something like 12th.  Pretty much was out of it after the move went, just going through the motions and waiting for it to be over.

Yes, I am hard on myself, but everyone in our family sacrifices for me to do it, and if I am going to continue, I am going to continue sucessfully.

I am going to skip the hillclimb since that is not my cup of pee anyway.  Dustin did a good ride and should be good at the climb, so we’ll throw our support behind him for the overall.  Most likely.


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