Okay, I am uncrackable, so almost cracked.

Yeah, waking up to snow the day before May.  I realize this is the price we pay for living in the mountains- and in a place where the sun (purportedly) shines 300+ days a year.  I am sure it will makes it’s grand appearance this afternoon, so they can include today in that count.

Someone’s gotta dig it though and that someone (or someplace) is Snowbird.  The only resort still open and they’ve gotten 38″ the past couple days with more coming.  Here’s hoping for a Memorial Weekend closing year and not a July 4th closing year!

In any case, because I am uncrackable (that’s not a challenge- please don’t try), I am still amped for Antelope Island tomorrow.

Back to work.


Running like thieves…

To anyone who may “get” the title, sorry, can’t help but throw out a youth crew reference from time to time.

Anyway, nothing much to report tonight.  Took the dogs for a run and actually felt good.  Typically running just hurts.  Fast or slow, it’s always painful.  And not in a “hurts so good” kinda way.

How’s that for a switch-up? You’d think I just found google images this week or something.  Anyway, yeah, felt good.  Our spastic britneys are less spastic when they run fast, so that worked out well.

Anyway, tomorrow’s Friday, so I got that going for me.

Tuesday. Again.

So yeah, everyone on FB has already seen this. And that’s pretty much everyone.  My bro-in-law Andrew sent it as a thank you card.  I love it.  Can’t put my finger on why, but it’s just right.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Not much else to report.  It was really windy today and close to 80… tomorrow’s high is in the 40’s, but we’ll focus on the positive.  Awesome lunch ride.  Starting to feel good. 

Already thinking about this weekend.  I have a little bit of history at Antelope Island, having won the last 3 times.  Pressure cooker.  That said, whatever, I am not really sweating it.

In other news, Morgan saw Jesus at Costco.

Good luck to everyone at Tour of the Gila.

East Canyon and such

So we had the road race at East Canyon today. Short at only 60 miles, but a pretty tough course.  I was not expecting much out of myself, but was pleasantly surprised at feeling pretty good.  Except on the climbs.  I was a hurting unit there for sure and got dropped early and had to chase back on.  Hopefully I am just lacking that little bit and will be good soon.  In any case, super de-duper day for the team with Brad and Norm going one-two and Ben, Sleevie, and Dustin ending up 5th, 6th, and 8th.  So that’s probably our best race thus far.  I would guess I wound up around 12th. Norm was unreal today.

Once I got home, we left pretty much straight away for  nephew Jett’s first birthday party.  It was a rager.  I was still able to drive home though.

Came home and took the dog’s for a run.  I swear I am not turning into a tri-guy.  They just needed to get out.

You’d think I might be beat after such a day, but for whatever reason I can’t sleep.

Thanks to google images for assistance with this post.

Good Night, Blog

Dear Diary,

Podium from today’s stage at Giro Del Trentino

1 Riccardo Ricco’ (Ita) Ceramica Flaminia 4:47:59  
2 Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz) Astana    
3 Ivan Basso (Ita) Liquigas-Doimo


Everybody deserves a 2nd chance right.  I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’.

I am still a fan of pro biking and Cadel Evans doing the world stripes right with a win at Fleche Wallonne (“Flesh Wound” in American) was spot on.

Solar Powered

My mom and her husband visited over the weekend. They were kind enough to bring AZ weather with them, so we spent most of the weekend in the great out-of-doors.  Kelly pretty well covered the visit, but I also wanted to say thanks for coming. 

Kelly was able to hang out solo with Piper, which was nice.  Hopefully she got some good rest, as she’s pretty well on her own during the day now.  Not so bad when it’s 80 and sunny like today, but the forecast does not look so great and I can’t imagine how 2 little girls and a bebe in our little pad will be.

In other news, The Mop, is now on FB… friends can search his full name, Mop Mopinator.. Because we don’t get enough of him on the blog and twitter.  And for gardening (the meditative release of most superheros) pics, of course. So, in honor of, umm, him I say alons-y, hurrah, and keep fighting. 

I might also reference #fitlist.

Can’t tell ya how much a difference the weather makes in my outlook.  Pretty much worked on the yard from when I got home until the girls went to bed (with a small break for dinner) and then took the dogs for a run, whereas a couple months ago I’d have been half asleep by the time I read to the girls.

Oh yeah, since this a cycling blog and all (look it’s in the title), I’ll tell ya, I have been slacking in that realm.  Hopefully I can dig into my suitcase of PED’s courage and come up with some form in a few weeks.

Just kidding, bike pure everybody.

On that note, I finally finished the Andre Agassi book “Open”.  It was okay.  Oh, to make that make sense, I was hoping there would be some reference to PED’s since it was supposed to be “Open” and all, but not a single mention. I am certain tennis has it problems, so that was a little dissapointing.

What blew me away was how well he remembered each match… It reminded me of…myself.  Not to compare us, because he’s umm, really good, and uh, a tennis player, but I have that kind of photographic memory for racing.  Yes, he had lots of help and fact checkers I’m sure, but still.

Wow, look at that, some actual substance in a post.  Wonders never cease.


I updated the coaching page.  I noticed that people were clicking through and I noticed that is sucked.  It’s not much better now, but you know, baby steps.

This week has been pretty crazy, have hardly touched a bike. So much that I was even dropped from the #fitlist.  Nothing like an inside joke (that was not funny) from twitter being posted on a blog. Anyway, yeah, I can’t even blame it on my babygirl. It just is. Must find a way to overcome.

OTOH, it has been absolutely georgeous here and the girls “Sedona grandparents” are coming to town today, so we got that going for us, which is nice.  The girls don’t refer to “Grandma Sandy” or “Grandma Karen” (names have not been changed to protect the guilty), they are “Grandma from Sedona” and “Grandma from Long Beach”. 

Anyhoo, that’s all we have time for now.

Be sure to tune in next week for more madcapped adventures.

Oh yeah, just checked and someone found the page searching “Jamie Paolinetti Cycling”.  Not sure what they were looking back, but if you stumble back, he is one bad mother.  That’s all you need to know.


First, I realize that I put the “ill” in alliteration.

Today was better. Good even.

Pip sleeps like a champ. During the day.  At night, she seems to be improving. I’m sure Kelly will laugh in reading this like “how hard it must be to roll over while I get up and feed her”.  Ah well, what am I going to do?

So, um, one of those things that happens when your neighborhood is not a neighborhood, but a ward and you have a newborn is that people bring you dinner for 3 nights.  It’s a pretty sweet scam.  I am thinking we should keep breeding just for the meals.

Bringing Back Blogging

And illiteration. Just like that.

Today was ridonkadonkulous.

Trying to keep my head on straight. 

Some stuff that has been really solid lately (besides the new edition):

The doc that delivered the baby…”Don’t worry, I watch Grey’s Anatomy”.

3 Days at home with the girls.

Kelly and Pips homecoming.

Sunday… warm and sunny-ish.  Pulled two kids in a trailer and rode with people who are not pulling  a trailer.  Uphill. Ran with the dogs for a few miles as well. Trying not to fall to far off the old fitlist.  And walked to the park while the girls rode their bikes.  And watched Paris-Roubaix. Oh, and a really good dinner. And dessert.

Tandem is here.  Not built yet, but at least it’s here.

See I feel better already.