Happy Easter!

We woke up to a not-so-sweet surprise of about 4″ of new snow in our yard.  Probably 12-18″ at the resorts, with more in the forecast. 

Quick recap from yesterday:

The weather held out and it was cold, and a little breezy, but dry which was a bonus.  10 laps of a 5 mile circuit with one 1.75 mile stretch of dirt road/lap.  The race was really controlled.  On the 2nd lap, a group of hitters attacked.  We had Brad and Sleevie in there with Blitz Krieg, Sohmy, and Tanner.  I was pretty amped with those odds, but  couldn’t believe the group let them go so easily, but they did and that was that.  Brad jumped with 3/4 lap to go and held the smallest of gaps to the line and Sleevie followed in 2nd.  Dustin got away a couple laps after the break was established with the Hardwood and ended up 6th.  The group detonated and by the time I rolled across the line, I didn’t even know it was the last lap and just rolled over the line in the spot I was in (9th, I think).  Could’ve been a couple spots up, but as it didn’t pay that deep it didn’t matter.  In any case, from being ready to quit (the sport) in the morning (I’m so dramatic), I ended up feeling really good and just having a really fun day at the races. 

Stoked for our little team.


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