Whew, almost forgot!

Nearly forgot to update today.  Would hate to break my blood pact.  I mean, it’ll happen, but not this early.

Anyway, it’s snowing again.  I guess the resorts are talking over 50″ of new snow, which is kind of a lot. No ride today, so I just took the dogs out for a run.  Not sure they were that into it, but I had the “Eye of the Tiger” in my head.  Chef Boy did I need it too, as I have been eating like a something that eats quite a lot.  Healthy stuff, though.  Like Cadbury eggs.

If you haven’t been following Kelly’s weblog, here’s the update.  If she doesn’t go into labor (please refrain from saying ‘pop’) between now and midnight Friday, she’ll be induced then.  Long story, on why she’s being induced at midnight.  The short version is insurance.  I like having it and all, but man, what a scam.

Anyway, I guess this counts as a post.


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