Bringing Back Blogging

And illiteration. Just like that.

Today was ridonkadonkulous.

Trying to keep my head on straight. 

Some stuff that has been really solid lately (besides the new edition):

The doc that delivered the baby…”Don’t worry, I watch Grey’s Anatomy”.

3 Days at home with the girls.

Kelly and Pips homecoming.

Sunday… warm and sunny-ish.  Pulled two kids in a trailer and rode with people who are not pulling  a trailer.  Uphill. Ran with the dogs for a few miles as well. Trying not to fall to far off the old fitlist.  And walked to the park while the girls rode their bikes.  And watched Paris-Roubaix. Oh, and a really good dinner. And dessert.

Tandem is here.  Not built yet, but at least it’s here.

See I feel better already.


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