First, I realize that I put the “ill” in alliteration.

Today was better. Good even.

Pip sleeps like a champ. During the day.  At night, she seems to be improving. I’m sure Kelly will laugh in reading this like “how hard it must be to roll over while I get up and feed her”.  Ah well, what am I going to do?

So, um, one of those things that happens when your neighborhood is not a neighborhood, but a ward and you have a newborn is that people bring you dinner for 3 nights.  It’s a pretty sweet scam.  I am thinking we should keep breeding just for the meals.


14 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Did you get funeral potatoes?

    The ones with potato chips on top?


    My addition to Mormon culinary arts, is going to be Frito’s on top of Funeral potatoes

    Feel free to steal the concept.

    1. Find out, ask around at church.

      +50 if you do ask around, and bring back a report… Get Kelly to ask the head of the Relief Society.(+100 for Kelly) (+100 if you can get her to do it.)

      Sounds like a faux pas, I’d be into…

      1. Oh! sidenote… former mormon friend made this thing that was chocolate Cake, fudge Frosting…

        and somehow you Drenched the whole thing in caramel.

        Then the paramedics showed up with the Insulin… and you ate another piece

        It was a mormon Variation, she called it the Fudge Orgasm surprise, the mormons had a different name, but her addition was the Drenched in Carmel.

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