East Canyon and such

So we had the road race at East Canyon today. Short at only 60 miles, but a pretty tough course.  I was not expecting much out of myself, but was pleasantly surprised at feeling pretty good.  Except on the climbs.  I was a hurting unit there for sure and got dropped early and had to chase back on.  Hopefully I am just lacking that little bit and will be good soon.  In any case, super de-duper day for the team with Brad and Norm going one-two and Ben, Sleevie, and Dustin ending up 5th, 6th, and 8th.  So that’s probably our best race thus far.  I would guess I wound up around 12th. Norm was unreal today.

Once I got home, we left pretty much straight away for  nephew Jett’s first birthday party.  It was a rager.  I was still able to drive home though.

Came home and took the dog’s for a run.  I swear I am not turning into a tri-guy.  They just needed to get out.

You’d think I might be beat after such a day, but for whatever reason I can’t sleep.

Thanks to google images for assistance with this post.

5 thoughts on “East Canyon and such

  1. To my squat??
    Also, what you are telling me is “write less and use more google images”… okay, got it.
    Irregardless, the party was a hoot.

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