How Turdo Got His Allons-y Back

Not 100% back, but getting there.

Did a quick trip up Squaw Peak, and then picked up my Haley girl for a cruise on the tandem. Only totalled maybe 55 miles, but felt better than expected. 

Saw some guys in full leathers “skateboarding” down this hill.  Nuts, and I’m sure they don’t refer to it as skateboarding.  For the unitiated, it’s only a 4.5 mile climb, but it is full alpine style with, oh, say, a whole bunch of switchbacks.

Assuming continued improvement, I’ll time myself on Squaw Peak before work one day this week. There is a squaw peak TT blog out there somewhere, but I didn’t find it to link for the blog.  I’ll look again, though I’ll probably get waxed by whoever upkeeps the blog.

Then, I took the girls (not Piper/Kelly) to the waterpark.  Waterparks are always tippy tops for people watching and today did not dissapoint.  As an added bonus, Haley and Morgan were “on their best behavior”.  No worries. 

Hard to believe that one week ago we had snow accumulating on the roads and today the waterpark was packed, but such is life in the mountains.

We’re home for an hour and then off to a bar-b at Kelly’s brothers house. 

I should probably bathe.

On that note, day 28 done.


Day 27- homestretch.

Yeah, not much to report for today, but I am dead set on seeing #30Days to fruition given we’ve made it this far.

I got nothing to post about, so here’s something… I stole it from someone’s facebook page.

Why do people love Basso and hate Vino?

I don’t really get it.  I don’t love (or even like) ither of them or hate either of them, but I see them as equally dirty.  I believe in 2nd chances, but I also believe that the UCI should have stood by the rule of 2 years out of the sport, 4 years out of the protour and returned salary.  They are both back and since the rules are what they are, I say good on Basso for winning the Giro (again). 

The “dopest” jersey of all time.  I should totally sublimate a picture of myself on a jersey.

See, it doesn’t always have to be a Borat reference.

What Happened to You, Man?

My fredliness is at an all-time high and I am not ashamed to admit it!

I seriously tried to talk Kelly into driving to Oregon for a race.  On tandems. With no prize list.

We did, however, have a nice, short ride.  Geeky as it may be, riding the tandem is pretty fun.  I still don’t feel right, but I wouldn’t say I was any worse after the ride, so I may try a real “training” type ride tomorrow or Monday.  We’ll see.  Pretty far behind at this point, but what’re you gonna do?

I don’t want to give you the wrong idea, I am not bad enough to be completely incapacitated and am having a great long weekend with my girls. 

In non-me news (the worst kind), our man @slctbird won the Ironhorse Classic! Yeah, T-Bird! 

Only time I have been there was for collegiate nationals and it got snowed out… which, in retrospect, was maybe quite lucky for me. See how I brought it back to me?

Day 26… I lied yesterday, do the math trackback.

All Over the Map

Ok, it really shouldn’t be mono, as I’ve already had that, right?  It sure feels the same though. 

Fork it, I did not start a blog to complain every day of my illness(es).

Had a good day out with the girls.  Picnic in the park.

Then, something crazy as happened and Kelly and I went out to dinner. Alone. Thanks, Grandma.  We picked up Piper for the night, but Haley and Morg are staying there, so it is very quiet up in here.

In other news…

…local Utah resident Gary Coleman has gone on to his reward. Rest In Peace and thanks for the entertainment!

Who’da thought that Todd Bridges would the longest living of the kids from Diff’rent Strokes?

Day 26 #30DaysofContent

The Four Day Weekend

I haven’t read this book, it was the first thing that popped up on google images, but it sure looks awesome. Yes, it’s a four day weekend for me, hopefully it doesn’t end with cars taking over our cities, or our lives.

I was hoping to attempt to start rebuilding the super form this weekend, but that is definitely in peril.  Attempted to superhero up today.

Handiman2.jpg image by OldMoparz

It didn’t go too badly, but my throat took a left after and I was having all sorts of issues.  It could be unrelated, but it’s one of those things… It’s hard to build it up and tear it down at the the same time. So, we’ll see. IRREGARDLESSLY, should be a pretty good time to hang with the girls.

Got some good stuff going on, so that’s keeping my head on… unfortunately, it’s the kind I can’t talk about here!

Day 25 pretty lame. #30DaysofContent

You’re Making This Too Easy on Me…

Or Ask Me Anything Vol. 4:

Back in 2002 when I was getting pummeled by you guys every weekend, the one time I managed to get into a good break in a crit was at the Mothballs course with you, Chris Walker, and a couple other guys. Every time Chris pulled he was basically out of the saddle attacking, and it only took about 5 laps for me and the other no-name Helen’s guy to get burned off, and then you guys ended up staying away and IIRC, Chris actually attacked you and won. Was Chris trying to “separate the wheat from the chaff,” or does he just ride like that all the time? I can’t imagine riding a break for 25 minutes with him going nuts like that on every pull.

Yeah, man, I totally remember that race.  I pretty much remember every race, but anyway. .. Walker did (does?) pretty much always ride full-gas, but in that instance I think there was some tactical nuance behind it. 

As you alluded to, our team was pretty much winning everything in socal that spring, as you would expect a “pro” team to do in local racing. Walker and Ryan Lane were both on good form with Tri Zombies, but we were coming in with 8 guys every weekend and crushing it.  So, that weekend, our team actually travelled (to Housatonic- I told you I remember everything) and it was just Mike Tillman and I.  Tilly-man had already won the road race the day before, so I am sure those guys were anxious to pull out a V on the day. 

Once Walker saw that it was just me in the break (not Tillman and me), he rolled it as hard as he could to make sure it stayed that way.  He also wanted to thin the break down, so that it was he and Lane against me in the final.  He was successful in doing so, and after a few attacks from each of them, I agreed (yes, a verbal agreement) that Walker could win.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and Chris just always rides like that, because pretty much every time I’ve been in a break with him, he has just throttled it with little care of tactics or the breaks’ composition.

Good stuff.

Back to today, still feeling like crap-o-la.  Took a half day for Haley’s kindergarten graduation, which was fun.  Hoping for a miraculous recovery.  Not racing this weekend for sure, but would be good to load on some miles as I have a four day… that’s right, baby, tomorrow is my Friday!

If anyone has any other questions, please holla, it’s making the 30 day thing easy as.

Day 24 #30DaysofContent over and out.

Ask Me Anything Volume 3

You’ve answered questions about your FTP, but you’re more of a sprinter. So what kind of power are you putting down in a sprint? Any techniques for positioning yourself in a bunch sprint would also be appreciated.

I am not a sprinter.  When I was younger (when I trained a lot) I was more well-rounded.  I guess you said, “more of a sprinter”, so I’ll give you that.  I have a pretty good finish, but I lack the mindset of a real sprinter.  I definitely prefer a small group going to the line.  The smaller, the better.  If I am alone, that’s probably the best situation… but yeah, I have a decent kick for a skinny guy.

I have seen 1500 watts a couple times, but am more typically around 1350 max when racing.

Tips for bunch sprinting?  Like I said, I’m not that big on it, but the goal is to stay as close to the front as you can, but where you are not going to get stuck in the wind.  It’s an art. And a science.  You are constantly anticipating where the next surge will come from and trying to stay ahead of it… but without being left on the front. 

So, since we are talking bike crap and all… I am more than a little nervous about my fitness.  I haven’t ridden in a week.  Okay, yes, I raced Sugar Hood, but I’m sure that did me more harm than good.  A mid-season break is all cool when you can hop back on and put together a couple big weeks, but when you are doing “the bare minimum”, it’s harder to make up ground.  And I was just starting to feel good. 


Day 22 flat busted out.

Day 21- Not my best!!

So, I know I said I was getting better, but that appears to have not been the case.  Meaning, maybe I was not getting better, but hopefully, now I am.

Yesterday, I woke up with some kind of conjuntivitis, could hardly open my eye.  It got more blood shot throughout the day. Whatever.  I felt better.  Then, in the evening, it hit hard.  Just felt gassed and had nothing to give and fell asleep on the couch with company over.  Host of the year.  Woke up in the middle of the night with a mad ear ache. 

So, lots of weird symptoms.  I don’t take the day off work being sick often, but decided for everyone’s interests maybe I should.  Went to the doc… actually a nurse practicioner… and survey says… respiratory infection.  They put me on some drugs, which (beaver) dam well better work as the co-pay was over $100.

Oh, can’t skip this bit.  They had to clean out my ears to see better.  Pretty nasty build of wax, but now it’s gone… and I can hear!

Kelly was kind enough to take the girls to her moms’ for the afternoon, so I could catch some zed’s.  Bless her heart.  Both of theirs’ actually.  I needed it.  I know she needs a break too, though.

I am concerned because I have been playing with the girls all weekend… Hopefully, Piper is getting the super-d-duper antibodies to stay strong. Time will tell.  I thought I had gotten it from the girls.  To be more specific, I was certain I got it from Morgan when she coughed in my face one night, so hopefully that is the case, and they just didn’t get the full brunt that I was faced with.

Oh yeah, and for my out-of-state contingency- woke to SNOW this morning, a week from June!!

EDIT: So, just as posted this, the urgent* care facility** that I visited called and said they could write me another prescription for my eye.  Okay, 6 hours after I left, I’m glad you thought of that.

*Urgent care- opens at 10am…Not that urgent, I suppose

**I didn’t visit our family doctor because he was booked solid today, and the 3 other docs in his office refused to see a new patient. Must be a lot of sickies out there if they can turn away biz.

Night Sweats

So, a weird symptom of whatever sickness I am currently beating (better today than yesterday) is that I wake up every night drenched in sweat.  I go to bed with a t-shirt and pajama pants and end up in boxers as I wake up with my shirt and pants drenched.  Yeah, pretty gross.  So, I take that stuff off and climb back in bed and then freeze as the sheets are pretty soaked too.

This morning Haley climbs in our bed “Daddy, why is the bed all wet?”

Like I said, pretty gross.  And I’m oddly dehydrated in the morning.

I tried doing a google image search to accompany this post and most of the pics had to do with menopause.  Hopefuly, it’s not time for that just yet.

Day 20 #30DaysofContent

This One’s Gonna Be Short

Because I want to watch a little ToCA before beddy-bye.

Did the Sugar hood Circuiterium today.  Lots of pre-game excuses (the worst kind), mostly dealing with sickness from the kids and lack of sleep.  Such is life.  It was bad though, would not have raced, but I wanted to be there for the team.  Sadly, it wasn’t our best day.  I made a good move with around 8 laps to go, but just had no power to keep going.  One lung.  Then, Harward kicked all our asses again.

A couple thoughts- that course is too easy for 75 minutes.  They should run us 100k.  And they should do it like 3x a year.  Why not?  It draws a bigger field than any other local race all year.  Maybe it’s too hard to secure the park. 

Anyway, it was nice to come home and have dinner with my girls and their grandma Karen.

Hoping for better sleeps tonight.

photo courtesy of flahute