Antelope Island

Well, the short story is I failed to four-peat.  That is okay.  Winning a race 3x in a row is a pretty good accomplishment for a hack like me and I will keep all those memories carved into my head for a rainy day.

Yes, I use this picture a lot.  What can I say, it’s one of my favorites.

As was the case last year, the drive there was cold- like 39 with heavy rain/snow.  Also, like last year, the sun came out for us and it probably ended up close to 50- much more doable.  Too bad for the earlier categories!!  In any case, they changed up the course a bit.  A big break of 10 rolled away early.  Just like that no so much attacking, just rolled away.  I was a bit bummed that we only had Sleevie and I in it, but figured that was not the worst odds ever.  Anyway, we just kind rolled along for awhile and then blah, blah, blah a bunch of attacking and Sleevie pulled a split away.  I tried a couple times to get across alone, but failed and didn’t want to drag the group back together.  Did end up splitting the group, but the split I made still ended up 2 minutes down on the break.  I was pretty worked by the end and ended up 8th.  Sleevie was a close 2nd.

Thanks to the officials, promoters, and course marshalls for standing around all day in the cold and rain.

Had to run out and get some flat pedals for the tandem when I got home and ended up taking the girls to a park, where it promptly started raining again, and then out to dinner.  Tried to give Kelly some much needed time to herself (with Piper, of course!!) after being gone all day on my day off.

Hope to get that tandem out today, but I want Haley’s first ride to be enjoyable!!  Please weather gods.  Make it stop.  Will post pics of the new whip when we get rolling.


2 thoughts on “Antelope Island

  1. You all totally lucked out weather wise. I was in the 4s and I couldn’t break or even move my hands from my the tops of my bars! I had to have some lady take off my helmet!

    But hey next year is another year!


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