No Content

#30Days/Day 3

I just asked Firestar what I should write about.

“How hot I am”.

I think she is being facetitious.  Mostly girls don’t recognize their own hotness.  Which is odd because guys are… well, I don’t want to get it trouble here…  Men are simple creatures.

Anyway, I don’t want to do a post on that topic, too much thought involved.  Too close to bedtime for that kind of deep thought.

I think I am really stretching this whole “content” idea.

Pulling for local superhero Jeff Louder at the Giro!!  That is big time, baby.


One thought on “No Content

  1. That image, didn’t show up!

    I think, she wanted to hear how hot she was!… And I think that was FireStar talking to you.

    you may need to learn the difference!

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