State Crit

Day 4

Long day…but a good one.  Standard morning at work, but got to spend the afternoon doing some filming… and you said I have a face for radio!  Went straight to the in-laws for dinner and just got home.  Trying not to fail on #30daysofcontent here…

State Crit chumps tomorrow… I could complain about the course.  Or the fact that it’s really early for a championship. But why be negative when it would be so easy to do a history post.  Lots of good memories there!

We could make fun of my salute from when I won last.  Remember that?  But we’ve been down that road. Haven’t we?

There have certainly been some (ahem) dramatic finishes.  The last corner has seen more than it’s share of action…

Or we could really dig back in the annals of history (that’s annals- two n’s) and remember the first time I did that race back in 2004 when I managed to crash all by my lonesome, cementing an already less than stellar reputation among the Utah scene.  I laugh now, it was a really hard situation.  A certain local even suggested it was time for me to quit!! 

Anyway, ups and downs, I guess.  Amped to see what tomorrow brings. 

It’s just that easy!!


2 thoughts on “State Crit

  1. I seem to recall your cement foundation of “sketchy riding” at RMR in the early spring of 2004. Some folks noted, “holy S@#$! look how much he swings the bike. That guy is completely sketchy! He’s gonna cause a crash!” Then you go and turf it at the Downtown crit. haha! not funny. The good news is that eventually everyone learned you are/were big time P-R-O and that’s all that matters. I’m talking BIG time.

    Well bigger than the rest of the majority of us minions.

    Ok, so bigger than a few of us…and only cause you’re taller…

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