Day Six-ish.

I guess everything in my life is a trending topic now.  And a fail.  Anyway, the planned two-fer to make up for Saturday failed to materialize, but with good reason this time. Sunday wound up quite nice.  Spent most of the day hanging out with Haley and Morgan, so Kelly and her mom (and Piper, of course- I’m not crazy!) had a chance to spend some time together without kids all over.  As Haley was recovering, it was pretty low-key, which was probably good for me.

When Kelly came home, I mounted the trusty carbon steed and pointed her towards Squaw Peak.  Only had time for a couple hours, so I figured I should do Squaw twice.  The first time went well and I was like “form… is that you??”.  And I was rocking for about 2 miles of the 4.5 mile climb on the 2nd time, at which point I completely cracked and was barely moving for another mile or so.  Really pathetic.  I actually saw 5mph.  I came around a little by the top, but only a touch.

Met up with Kelly and the girls for Sunday dinner with her family at her folks’ place, making for a rather sweet ending to the weekend. 

Scheming on how I can fan the form flames to a raging inferno. 

And stay married. 

Once a dreamer…

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