Before Grunge

If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face… you are not me.  I am certain I got into this from a cassette tape belonging to my sister… it holds up pretty well.  The anti-video:

Does that count for Day 7?

No?  Fine…

Trying to keep my head on straight.  I really thought I was going to lose it today.  Oh geez, I am sounding like the mop here.  Superhero up.  Allons-y.  And all that jazz.

That’s as close as I’m getting to content today.

Unless something happens in the next few hours that I just can’t wait to tell the whole goldang world all about.


4 thoughts on “Before Grunge

  1. Are you kidding?? That photo TOTALLY counts as content. And good content too.

    See I’ve never seen what The Mop looks like. I think that’s the first ever photo of The Mop. And you have it on your web log. See? Content!

  2. From watching the Replacements, it was a just a short hop, skip and a jump till I was watching Echo & the Bunnymen videos all morning. Now that’s some sweet action.

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