Back in the day

I’ve done a few posts related to my past (and by past, I mean current) fixation on hardcore.  After working together for nine months, I found out recently that one of my co-workers was also, as we in the proverbial “scene” would refer to it, down, and in fact, had fronted a hardcore band way back when.  This news throttled me.  This was someone I have worked closely with, done lunch rides with (until recently…), and traveled to exotic locales such as Vegas and Minneapolis.  How did this not come up? 

He let me borrow his bands’ album. I rocked out to it on the way home.  Had to resist the urge to start pulling windmills in the car.

There you have it #30DaysofContent – Day 9- in the can.


5 thoughts on “Back in the day

  1. Writing generally comes easy to me. The hard part is that I usually can’t do it during the day, so I’m typically trying to do this in the evening when my brain has shut down and I just want to decompress and not think.

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