Bear Lake Solo Mission

In the five years, I have raced here in Utah, I’ve yet to miss the Bear Lake Classic.  And I’m not starting this year.  Too many good memories.  Howev, this will be the first year that I have gone alone.  Kelly was preg-o with Haley the first year and our ever expanding family has gone with ever since.  When I put it in these terms, it does make me a little sad that the whole crew is not going, but it kinda makes sense this year as Kelly’s mom is in town and they have some big plans with the girls for the weekend, so it all kinda works out. 

So that was a big build up.

The point is… I am really excited.  Kelly may be cursing me right now.  I am coming back tomorrow night- skipping Sunday’s TTT- so I’m only gone for a day.  Everyone knows I love roadtripping with the fam-bamily, and yet, I am really excited about an adventure on my own!

Oh yeah, I won this race last year, and it’s a favorite for a lot of reasons.  This year has not been my best thus far, so fingers crossed!

#30DaysofContent – Day 10- in the can.


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