Eat Fresh

Here’s Yer Stinkin’ 2-Fer. I knew I’d get back on track eventually…

So, I went for a ride when I got home from Bear Lake.  Kelly was still at the zoo with her mom and the girls, so like, what else am I going to do?  Real reasons- sunny and warm, needed some time to reflect, and you know, active recovery and all that crap.  Oh yeah, and dinner.  Rode to Subway.

So I strut in their all super heroed up and this lady (who is there with her husband and kid) totally checks out my package! Blatantly.

If I was a little quicker on the draw, I would’ve said “looks like you’re here for a foot long” or somesuch, but I’m certain her husband would have beaten me to death, so it’s probably better I didn’t.

Anyway, it was nice to get out (again), feel much better after a bit of reflection.

Came home and immediately made another sandwich, followed by yogurt.  Now it’s time for ice cream.  Maybe it’s good I don’t ride so much anymore, not sure we could afford to feed me.


2 thoughts on “Eat Fresh

  1. Beaten me to death, was very funny. A Muslim Woman checked me out, the other day, when crossing the street.

    yep, I bring hot to chicks in burkas.

    Good stuff

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