Feel the burn…

Morgan just woke up crying and I should probably be heading off to snoozee-land myself, so maybe this is not the best time for #30Days, but rules are rules.

Haley finally got to try on her new kit today:

She is like an alien from the planet Cute. 

Great day today. Lazy morning, then a Costco run with the full family… Not sure how Kelly does this on her own.  Seriously, that is ridiculous…

Anyway, then it was on the aforementioned bike ride.  We went a little longer today, probably 12 miles round trip.  I am easing her in.  You want them to enjoy it!  Rode over to the park by grandma’s house, the infamous sledding/ice blocking hill for Provo locals and met Kelly, Morgan, Piper and Grandma Karen.  After some play time, we got back on the pony and headed home.  I thought she might be freaked out descending, as she’s been pretty tentative like with skiing, but she loved it and we got some pretty good speed going. 

After that it was bar-b time and we watched the THREE HOUR Survivor finale.  It actually didn’t seem so long as it sounds. 

Anyway, not my best, but this definitely counts.  Night-night… hopefully.

Day 13.


3 thoughts on “Feel the burn…

  1. Yep… Too Cute!

    It’s the “Jazz hands” that sells it. Don’t ask me how I know about Jazz hands. I’d bet on a movie. But, I’d rather be vague.

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