Me and What’s His Name

Ben Sharp tagged me in this photo on Facebook earlier and it reminded me of a story for Day 14 of #30DaysofContent.   The pic is from the 2002 San Francisco Grand Prix.  Pretty much the best race ever and it’s a real drag that it no longer exists, but so it seems to go in US racing.  Anyway, yes, that is me on LA’s wheel.  I wasn’t planning it, but if you want to get your picture taken, or get on TV, his wheel is a pretty good place to hang out.

Anyway, as you can see in the photo, he is wearing a vest.  A few minutes after this was taken, he took it off .  Anyway, when we got around to the feed zone, he very gently laid it on the ground as we rolled through, presumably for someone to pick up.  Being on his wheel, I was tempted to snag it and just throw it in my pocket.  I remember clearly having the thought “I could probably bank off that on E-bay- people will pay extra for real Lance sweat!!”.

I thought better of it and left it for some eager fan and ended up having a good ride for a chump such as myself rolling through around 30th.  Yes, it was an accomplishment for me to finish!!  Drove all the way home that night and got up and went to work.  That’s when I knew I was big time.


6 thoughts on “Me and What’s His Name

  1. And Kenny T is in there too! Damn, this photo is just FULL of famous folks.

    Turbo, Kenny, Henk (MAC-donalds? I wish I raced for those guys!!)

    Ok, so perhaps you’ve not seen 8-mile, as it has a couple of swear words in it. It goes like this:

    White kid in Detroit with poor options wants to become a rapper, and has “natural talent”. Has many problems throughout movie. In the end he has a Rap Battle against the rival gang after getting off work at the local factory just for this occasion. He wins. Everyone in his gang thinks he’s gonna make the big time. BIG TIME. Alas, he tells all of them that he was just gonna head back to work.

    Moral of the story: Even rappers have to work. Its not ALL fantasy.

    That help explain it?

  2. Yeah, I got it the first time, ummm, I guess?
    Thanks for the thorough explaniationalism though. Irregardlessly (yeah, I just stepped it up a notch), I don’t see the connection between myself and White Rabbit besides both working… the rival “gang” crushed me and I was happy about it.

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