What to post about?

I mean, nothing really interesting happened today. 

I think Adam Myerson pretty well nailed it, saving me the trouble.  If you still want to believe, good on ya.

Fork. Posting a link and a pic of a unicorn does not qualify as “content”.

It will be interesting to see what the fall-out to this “admission” is.  I think that Floyd has been forgotten by most of America, and even in the cycling scene is considered by most to be a crackpot.  That said, I think everyone should take a look at what he said and maybe read “From Lance to Landis” while you’re at it…

Oh yeah, this is still hilarious:

That’s all I have for today, I reckon.

Day 17 #30DaysofContent over and out.


6 thoughts on “What to post about?

  1. If people couldn’t make that leap and just thought I posted a unicorn because I am down with unicorns, that only enhances the post. To me. Plus, you’re the only one that comments anymore and I knew you’d get it.

  2. Oh man if you only knew what was going on in February of this year…I really feel the need to make one of those “an open letter to the dreamer community” things and have it sent to velosnooz and cyclingnews but i would come off as Mr. Sour Grapes. I much prefer being known as Mr. Muffin Pants. I still may though…

  3. Wait, you’re telling me you have dirt that I don’t have. DM me, yo. Second thought, I should probably stay out of the gossip pages, Mr. Muffin Pants.

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