This One’s Gonna Be Short

Because I want to watch a little ToCA before beddy-bye.

Did the Sugar hood Circuiterium today.  Lots of pre-game excuses (the worst kind), mostly dealing with sickness from the kids and lack of sleep.  Such is life.  It was bad though, would not have raced, but I wanted to be there for the team.  Sadly, it wasn’t our best day.  I made a good move with around 8 laps to go, but just had no power to keep going.  One lung.  Then, Harward kicked all our asses again.

A couple thoughts- that course is too easy for 75 minutes.  They should run us 100k.  And they should do it like 3x a year.  Why not?  It draws a bigger field than any other local race all year.  Maybe it’s too hard to secure the park. 

Anyway, it was nice to come home and have dinner with my girls and their grandma Karen.

Hoping for better sleeps tonight.

photo courtesy of flahute


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