Day 21- Not my best!!

So, I know I said I was getting better, but that appears to have not been the case.  Meaning, maybe I was not getting better, but hopefully, now I am.

Yesterday, I woke up with some kind of conjuntivitis, could hardly open my eye.  It got more blood shot throughout the day. Whatever.  I felt better.  Then, in the evening, it hit hard.  Just felt gassed and had nothing to give and fell asleep on the couch with company over.  Host of the year.  Woke up in the middle of the night with a mad ear ache. 

So, lots of weird symptoms.  I don’t take the day off work being sick often, but decided for everyone’s interests maybe I should.  Went to the doc… actually a nurse practicioner… and survey says… respiratory infection.  They put me on some drugs, which (beaver) dam well better work as the co-pay was over $100.

Oh, can’t skip this bit.  They had to clean out my ears to see better.  Pretty nasty build of wax, but now it’s gone… and I can hear!

Kelly was kind enough to take the girls to her moms’ for the afternoon, so I could catch some zed’s.  Bless her heart.  Both of theirs’ actually.  I needed it.  I know she needs a break too, though.

I am concerned because I have been playing with the girls all weekend… Hopefully, Piper is getting the super-d-duper antibodies to stay strong. Time will tell.  I thought I had gotten it from the girls.  To be more specific, I was certain I got it from Morgan when she coughed in my face one night, so hopefully that is the case, and they just didn’t get the full brunt that I was faced with.

Oh yeah, and for my out-of-state contingency- woke to SNOW this morning, a week from June!!

EDIT: So, just as posted this, the urgent* care facility** that I visited called and said they could write me another prescription for my eye.  Okay, 6 hours after I left, I’m glad you thought of that.

*Urgent care- opens at 10am…Not that urgent, I suppose

**I didn’t visit our family doctor because he was booked solid today, and the 3 other docs in his office refused to see a new patient. Must be a lot of sickies out there if they can turn away biz.


2 thoughts on “Day 21- Not my best!!

  1. Sounds nasty. Eye, sinus, ear…yuck. What did they put you on? I’m guessing its for the ear and sinuses, because most respiratory infections are viral and antibiotics won’t work. BUT, they will keep your ears and sinuses from getting mad-infected.

    Seeing new patients = becoming their doctor. I think its ridiculous that there’s minimal cross coverage or your doc doesn’t have a PA or Nurse Practitioner to help with overflow and acute visits. Then again…I do understand not taking new patients as you can only adequately cover so many people with quality care. IHC is one of the best programs out there, along with Mayo, a group in Grand Junction and a group in Upstate new york, where most of the docs get a salary and are not as motivated by the 15min appointment (although that still happens).

    Anyway…feel better. I might be in Utah for July doing ortho up at the U. If you know any ortho docs up there, put a word in for me. I need to get an interview this fall in order to rank them to have a change to match…I’ll explain it over the phone soon.


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