The Four Day Weekend

I haven’t read this book, it was the first thing that popped up on google images, but it sure looks awesome. Yes, it’s a four day weekend for me, hopefully it doesn’t end with cars taking over our cities, or our lives.

I was hoping to attempt to start rebuilding the super form this weekend, but that is definitely in peril.  Attempted to superhero up today.

Handiman2.jpg image by OldMoparz

It didn’t go too badly, but my throat took a left after and I was having all sorts of issues.  It could be unrelated, but it’s one of those things… It’s hard to build it up and tear it down at the the same time. So, we’ll see. IRREGARDLESSLY, should be a pretty good time to hang with the girls.

Got some good stuff going on, so that’s keeping my head on… unfortunately, it’s the kind I can’t talk about here!

Day 25 pretty lame. #30DaysofContent


5 thoughts on “The Four Day Weekend

  1. Umm, “irregardless” is not a word – it’s a double negative. I’m deeply offended, as your sister, and as a fellow English major. Let’s all just hope that you were using it mockingly.

  2. Yeah, it’s kind of a joke… If you have to explain a joke, it usually is not such a good one. I figured that by capitalizing the dang thang, plus adding “ly” on the end, it would be pretty obvious. Irregardless, you still called me on it.

  3. What a relief. I was hoping for the best, that it was a joke, but was prepared for the worst. I used to work with someone who frequently used “irregardless” on conference calls, and it was a sore trial for me.

  4. Oh Great Beth… Do you have a blog? we would love to torment you by saying it as much as possible!

    Irregardless, some great comments.

    Irregardless, its even funnier that Ryan had to try and explain its usage?

    Does that make a quadruple negative?

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