Day 27- homestretch.

Yeah, not much to report for today, but I am dead set on seeing #30Days to fruition given we’ve made it this far.

I got nothing to post about, so here’s something… I stole it from someone’s facebook page.

Why do people love Basso and hate Vino?

I don’t really get it.  I don’t love (or even like) ither of them or hate either of them, but I see them as equally dirty.  I believe in 2nd chances, but I also believe that the UCI should have stood by the rule of 2 years out of the sport, 4 years out of the protour and returned salary.  They are both back and since the rules are what they are, I say good on Basso for winning the Giro (again). 

The “dopest” jersey of all time.  I should totally sublimate a picture of myself on a jersey.

See, it doesn’t always have to be a Borat reference.


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