How Turdo Got His Allons-y Back

Not 100% back, but getting there.

Did a quick trip up Squaw Peak, and then picked up my Haley girl for a cruise on the tandem. Only totalled maybe 55 miles, but felt better than expected. 

Saw some guys in full leathers “skateboarding” down this hill.  Nuts, and I’m sure they don’t refer to it as skateboarding.  For the unitiated, it’s only a 4.5 mile climb, but it is full alpine style with, oh, say, a whole bunch of switchbacks.

Assuming continued improvement, I’ll time myself on Squaw Peak before work one day this week. There is a squaw peak TT blog out there somewhere, but I didn’t find it to link for the blog.  I’ll look again, though I’ll probably get waxed by whoever upkeeps the blog.

Then, I took the girls (not Piper/Kelly) to the waterpark.  Waterparks are always tippy tops for people watching and today did not dissapoint.  As an added bonus, Haley and Morgan were “on their best behavior”.  No worries. 

Hard to believe that one week ago we had snow accumulating on the roads and today the waterpark was packed, but such is life in the mountains.

We’re home for an hour and then off to a bar-b at Kelly’s brothers house. 

I should probably bathe.

On that note, day 28 done.


3 thoughts on “How Turdo Got His Allons-y Back

  1. Bathing is over-rated. I myself did a ride this afternoon and decided against bathing since I am going to weight-lift tonight. And then why bother showering after that, when I am just going to be back on my bike at 5am? It’s an endless cycle of sweat and smelliness.

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