State RR short version- epic flailure.  Let ourselves get behind the 8 ball and never got back. 

I won’t get too instrospective, but I’m not sure what’s going on… I won on this course the first 3 X I did it, and now I seem to be just getting worse.  Yes, I have a busy schedule and don’t train like other people, but I haven’t trained consistenly since moving to Utah six years ago, so…?

While we were racing, Kelly took all 3 girls to a zoo and park in Logan and they had a great time. Have to give it  up to her… Pretty sure I couldn’t handle that on my own. And by pretty sure, I mean positive. 

We met up for dinner along with my man Sleevie, and didn’t get home until almost 11:30.  Yeah, that’s a late night for me.  Then, our little Piper had kind of a rough night.  Morgan was first up at 7:00 and so a new day begins… hoping to keep it chill, yo.

The Mop Exposed

So, I went for a ride with The Mop today.

It was a lot like KISS Unmasked.

except, less of a dissapointment.  Seriously, those guys were even less attractive once the masks came off.  And don’t get me started on Gene Simmons’ reality show…

Oh wait, did I get off topic?  Anyway, for some background.  FOUR YEARS AGO (time flies), I had a near miss with the mop at the top of the Alpine Loop after I dropped out of Tour of Utah.  He had been taking pics all over the race and it was pretty much the most common topic among the Utah contingent… who is this guy? So, anyway, I was up on the Loop with him and Haley, but didn’t know it until I came home and he had posted pics of us, so then I was left scrambling trying to figure out which person up there he was. 

Previous to that he had posted on the UCA site, and taken part in some coaching chats that I was doing on at that time, but that was the first legit sighting.

He kinda dropped off the radar for awhile, but has come back in a big way over the past year and pretty much through our blogs probably knows pretty much everything about our family.  Anyway, I have joked around with him about meeting up for a ride a few times since he lives within spitting distance (assuming you are a really good spitter) from my office.  Out of the blue, he tweeted me (yes, it hurt a little) that we should do it.  While the mystery has been fun, I couldn’t say no, right?  So we met up today.

As far as the ride, yeah, we met up and went for a bike ride.  Really not much more to tell.  Is that anti-climactic?  I could say that he tried to kill me out in the west desert or that he is a giant who rides a purple unicorn, but neither of those would be terribly honest. It was cool and we agreed to do it again, but there wasn’t anything crazy to report. 

As for why he decided to out himself, I couldn’t quite grasp it.  My sense going in is that he was just tired of having a fake identity and knowing all these people, but not knowing any of them.  He kinda shut that down though…

I expect there will be some kind of moppish shenanigans during tour of utah again.

We can only hope.

The reality is that he had a helmet and glasses and stretchy pants on, so I may well STILL not recognize the guy in civies.

High uWINtas

Gotta share the team news first as I am super proud of our little team’s performance at High Uintas.  Norm soloed to the win in the RR by two and a half minutes.  Brad won the sprint out of the chase group.  In the TT, Norm, Dustin, and Brad went 2,3,4.  Norm and Brad stuck their 1-2 positions.  I’ll get into the crit below as I go into my personal saga…

The RR… For my out of state friends, this race is 80 miles- 23 generally up, 7 steep up, and 50 down-ish.  My tactic is the same every year- get away early.  I would say my percentage of success is about ~30% for making it over the climb and ending up in the lead group, which is not so bad.  This year, Billy Demong, Billy Allen and I gave it the old college try, but for whatever reason, we were chased down after maybe 5 miles.  And then, I caught a case of the sucks.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t recover at all and got dropped BEFORE the climb began in earnest.  This has never happened to me and ensured a very long day.

The TT.  I had no motivation being ummm, a long ways down, but wanted to try all the same.  So I gave it a shot and felt better than I expected.

The crit.  What the hell.  I felt awesome.  Pretty much sat 2nd wheel the bulk of the race, just making sure none of the close GC guys tried anything.  Managed to pick up a $100 prime.  Then, somehow ended up in a split.  We were the only team with two guys in the group, and Dustin did an awesome job of driving it. 

With a lap and a half to go, I took myself out on the UPHILL corner.  That’s gonna leave a scar in the memory bank. I thought I had a shot at the stage (although you are never safe going to the line against The Hardwood), which would have really helped my confidence after Saturday… and what has generally not been a stellar season thus far.  Ho hum.  At least I didn’t get hurt bad.  Just skin and pride. 

I was on Billy Demong’s wheel when it happened and he looked over his shoulder and asked if I was okay. The more I get to know that guy, the more I am impressed with him.  Beyond being an Olympic Gold Medallist!! 

Anyway, I picked myself up quickly and thought for a minute I could catch them (it’s a long lap).  Got within 30 meters on, but then they punched it and that was all she wrote.  Got caught by a couple guys over the top of the climb, but managed to outsprint them for 6th.  Found out after that I’d busted a spoke on my front RZR wheel in the crash… that’s pretty solid compared to some other full carbon wheels.

There are a lot of great races on the calendar, but I try to support this one every year.  It is just a great race and super well run with a really solid prize list for a regional event.  Why it is not the best attended race in our area baffles me.  They do an awards party after with pizza and beer or soda pop for those that don’t imbibe and there is an awesome raffle.  I won a $650 pair of ski boots that I’m hoping will fit Kelly.  The only downer (besides you know, crashing, and all)… our little Morga-Muffin got a case of the trots during the party and Kelly pretty much had to hang out by the bathrooms for most of it.

She recovered and we hit the roads and got home pretty late in the evening.  Lots of details and good times overlooked here.  I feel really lucky to be able to race and be a part of a really good scene.  I have raced all over the country, but really feel like we have something special here.

Dawn Patrol

I’m not typically one for training blogs, but I am going to post some stuff here with my new quest in mind.  Keeps me honest.

Sticking to my guns here. Up at 5 and on the bike shortly thereafter.  Failed to better the Squaw Peak TT time, so I rode it twice.  Getting out of bed sucks, but the riding is nice if a bit cool.  Saw a big buck up there and a bunch of jive turkeys. Sunday I saw all that plus a couple mooses on the looses.

Every time I ride in the morning, I forget something.  Last week, it was underwears.  Today, it was lunch and sunglasses.  I am fairly particular on not wearing “performance eyewear” off the bike, but I could probably move past that one.  Lunch was a bigger issue.  Kelly made super-d-duper fish tacos last night, and I was more than excited for lunch time left-overs.  As it happened, I couldn’t escape until almost three o’clock, so I rode past Wendy’s and ate a sandwich, while riding my TT bike.  That’s kinda like caloric neutralization.  Anyway, Wendy kinda let me down, and my expectations weren’t that high, but it got me through the rest of the day as I was seriously bonking on the bagel at 5am, skittles, and diet pepsi that had carried me to that point. The benefit of going to lunch that late is the day is almost over.  The problem is there’s no time to catch up on everything that happened while you lunched.

Some stuff I’ve heard recently…

Haley: “Why do we have to go to church?  I already know about Jesus and singing”.

Random guy in church: “Yeah, I’ve been taking this stuff called EPO Blast… I don’t know what’s in it, but it works!”.


Another good one. 3 hours in the mountains before 9 am.  I missed the rain today mostly.  Still, I feel like I’m riding in the PNW.  Even when it’s not raining, the roads are wet and it’s foggy.  So weird.  I’m sure it will be 90 and sunny every day soon enough, but I said that a month ago…I am not complaining.  I kinda like it because I know people are slacking. Plus, I still had all day for hanging out.

For anyone who actually resides in the PNW, yes, it has been 3 days with occasional sprinkles.

Tour of Utah

So, yeah, I want to finish a Tour of Utah.  This year.  I am 0-2 in my previous attempts. 

In 2008, I just kinda cracked and quit on the 2nd day.  I don’t know why.  I just had nothing to give.  It was weird,  as I felt pretty good going in and the first day and then I just got dropped like the proverbial rock immediately the 2nd day.  Then, I was flying a week later.  I think I just overcooked it a little.

In 2006, Morgan was born ten days before the start and I used my paternity leave (no, seriously, this exists in some circles).  A throwback for long time readers- “Stage 4 Owned You!”.

I did finish the year before that, but it was more of a regional thing at that point.

So, my track record is not so good. But, yeah, I really want to give it another go. There’s a few obstacles in my way, starting with not having a team in the race.  With limited spots available, I don’t necesarily want to take a spot away from one of my guys either and I think we have 5 other guys that are deserving of a shot!

The issue of my current work schedule is a bit rough too, as that sees me away from home for about 55 hours a week as a rule and family has to be priority #1, so it’s not like I’m gonna go riding all night when I get home.  In the past, I went the super commuter route, and that piles on some good tits (time in the saddle), but I think at this point, it’s not a question of miles, but climbing, so the new deal is to get up early and hit the hills on the drive in (did Suncrest 3x on Tuesday morning), and then go big on non-race weekends- but same deal, get it done before  dawn’s crack the crack of dawn, so I am not an absentee dad all summer.

There are some other consideration that are hard to control (my life is in my control, but…) as well, but there is a lot I can control.

I know it sounds crazy to some people to try a pro stage race around a family and career, but I am trying. Seven years after quitting my feable attempts at pro cycling, I am trying.

Can I do it? It may be that the answer is no, but I am trying all the same. I figure if I try and fail, that’s easier to live with than not trying.  Sometimes, it’s about the journey and not the destination… and all that crap.

So, my hope here is to keep you (dear reader) updated and have a little cheering squad in my corner.  Of course, there will also be some people reading who are anticipating, and dare, I say, hoping for a failure.  That is good too.

Today was the first weekend, I have really focused on this goal, so yeah, I am a little off the back.  Got a solid 4.5 hours in with the Sundance side of Alpine Loop and Cascade Springs in.  It was raining and cold, so there were not a lot of people out.  I actually only saw two cyclists the whole ride and one was Sleevie.  Definitely odd for that ride in June.  Usually, there’s plenty of rabbits to chase, but the weather did add to the mood and feel of the moment.  And sometimes, it’s about the moment.

It’s been some time since I heard “Eye of the Tiger” and then it pops up twice in one day. 


I think not.