The Shed, The Shed Thing, Missing Kids, E-Center Crit, and The Shed

So…the shed…is done. 

Look out for The Return of The Shed Thing 2*

The long story.  Kelly and her dad got the shed started waay back on my birf-a-day on Thursday.  33, thanks.  They spent all day that day on it… details on Kelly’s blog. 

Anyway, we got nut-in done on it on Friday, so Saturday morning we got up and got to work.  We worked on until I had to get ready to go bike racing**.  Well, almost, we had an interruption when Haley and Morgan decided to go over to friends’ house without telling us.  After me running around the block, and riding my bike all over screaming, and Kelly knocking on all the doors’ in tha hood, we found them safe and sound.

After racing, it was late and Sleevie hung out for dinner, so we didn’t get anymore done on Saturday.

Today, we got cracking pretty early, but today we did NOTHING else  but work on the shed***.  And around 7:45 this evening, it was finally completed.  That thing better hold up and our garage better be a  Hoover Dam shot cleaner without all the lawn crap. 

All-in-all, I rather enjoyed it, but I don’t want to do it every weekend, like many of my neighbors who are obsessed with their lawns.  Apparently, I don’t do much in the way of home repairs as the girls thought it was funny to see me with tools and said I was just like “Handy Manny”.

*Back in high school, my friend Brian and I made a short film titled “Return of the Shed Thing”.  Not to be cocky, but it was totally awesome.  Especially considering there were only two people on set (also known as my mom’s house).  Now, I know you are probably putting on your Nike’s to run to the RedBox, but this film was lost somewhere in the shift to DVD’s… If it’s ever found, it will rule YouTube.  That is for real.

**Oh yeah, the race.  We did a crit around the E-Center.  It was a little bit ghetto style with a bunch cones all over a parking lot, but whatever, it was off the proverbial hook.  Sleevie lapped the field and we tried to give him the super d-duper lead-out, but Cameron “Don’t Hassle the Hoff” Hoffman got underneath me and took out the capital V.  If I had it to do over again, I would make one change in the lead-out, but ultimately he was just faster. There were 6 in the break and I ended up 7th just doing the lead-out, which I took as a a decent sign that I am recovering from the plague.

***Oh wait, I lied, I did watch the last hour of Philly while we ate lunch.  People say it’s dull ’cause it’s 6 hours, and came down to a sprint, but… I’m not one of those people.  I’d be lying (again) if I said I never want to do a big bike race again.


3 thoughts on “The Shed, The Shed Thing, Missing Kids, E-Center Crit, and The Shed

  1. “Return of the Shed Thing” was a classic. I loved it. It was better than “Cats”. I want to see it again and again.

  2. You do need to be careful now that you have a shed back there. We all know they’re a haven for transients and ‘things’. I recommend a sturdy chain and padlock. I hope you still own a nice chain you can use.

  3. Oh yeah, Beth had a bit part in the film as well. It was unintentional as she was getting something out of the fridge as we filmed through the kitchen, but still, she was there.

    Brian, I thought I heard some “thing” in there, but was afraid to check. It didn’t turn out well for me last time.

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