High uWINtas

Gotta share the team news first as I am super proud of our little team’s performance at High Uintas.  Norm soloed to the win in the RR by two and a half minutes.  Brad won the sprint out of the chase group.  In the TT, Norm, Dustin, and Brad went 2,3,4.  Norm and Brad stuck their 1-2 positions.  I’ll get into the crit below as I go into my personal saga…

The RR… For my out of state friends, this race is 80 miles- 23 generally up, 7 steep up, and 50 down-ish.  My tactic is the same every year- get away early.  I would say my percentage of success is about ~30% for making it over the climb and ending up in the lead group, which is not so bad.  This year, Billy Demong, Billy Allen and I gave it the old college try, but for whatever reason, we were chased down after maybe 5 miles.  And then, I caught a case of the sucks.  For whatever reason, I couldn’t recover at all and got dropped BEFORE the climb began in earnest.  This has never happened to me and ensured a very long day.

The TT.  I had no motivation being ummm, a long ways down, but wanted to try all the same.  So I gave it a shot and felt better than I expected.

The crit.  What the hell.  I felt awesome.  Pretty much sat 2nd wheel the bulk of the race, just making sure none of the close GC guys tried anything.  Managed to pick up a $100 prime.  Then, somehow ended up in a split.  We were the only team with two guys in the group, and Dustin did an awesome job of driving it. 

With a lap and a half to go, I took myself out on the UPHILL corner.  That’s gonna leave a scar in the memory bank. I thought I had a shot at the stage (although you are never safe going to the line against The Hardwood), which would have really helped my confidence after Saturday… and what has generally not been a stellar season thus far.  Ho hum.  At least I didn’t get hurt bad.  Just skin and pride. 

I was on Billy Demong’s wheel when it happened and he looked over his shoulder and asked if I was okay. The more I get to know that guy, the more I am impressed with him.  Beyond being an Olympic Gold Medallist!! 

Anyway, I picked myself up quickly and thought for a minute I could catch them (it’s a long lap).  Got within 30 meters on, but then they punched it and that was all she wrote.  Got caught by a couple guys over the top of the climb, but managed to outsprint them for 6th.  Found out after that I’d busted a spoke on my front RZR wheel in the crash… that’s pretty solid compared to some other full carbon wheels.

There are a lot of great races on the calendar, but I try to support this one every year.  It is just a great race and super well run with a really solid prize list for a regional event.  Why it is not the best attended race in our area baffles me.  They do an awards party after with pizza and beer or soda pop for those that don’t imbibe and there is an awesome raffle.  I won a $650 pair of ski boots that I’m hoping will fit Kelly.  The only downer (besides you know, crashing, and all)… our little Morga-Muffin got a case of the trots during the party and Kelly pretty much had to hang out by the bathrooms for most of it.

She recovered and we hit the roads and got home pretty late in the evening.  Lots of details and good times overlooked here.  I feel really lucky to be able to race and be a part of a really good scene.  I have raced all over the country, but really feel like we have something special here.

3 thoughts on “High uWINtas

  1. Agree about this being a well-run event. Not one I’m well-suited for but worth coming back to anyway. Congrats to Norm and Brad on the GC results.

  2. I only heard my name once, but yeah, I accidentally (no, really) put one in the “volunteer” bucket, in addition to my one in the “racer” bucket. I just saw a bucket and assumed it was the bucket. Then, I saw one marked racers and the lightbulb popped.

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