The Mop Exposed

So, I went for a ride with The Mop today.

It was a lot like KISS Unmasked.

except, less of a dissapointment.  Seriously, those guys were even less attractive once the masks came off.  And don’t get me started on Gene Simmons’ reality show…

Oh wait, did I get off topic?  Anyway, for some background.  FOUR YEARS AGO (time flies), I had a near miss with the mop at the top of the Alpine Loop after I dropped out of Tour of Utah.  He had been taking pics all over the race and it was pretty much the most common topic among the Utah contingent… who is this guy? So, anyway, I was up on the Loop with him and Haley, but didn’t know it until I came home and he had posted pics of us, so then I was left scrambling trying to figure out which person up there he was. 

Previous to that he had posted on the UCA site, and taken part in some coaching chats that I was doing on at that time, but that was the first legit sighting.

He kinda dropped off the radar for awhile, but has come back in a big way over the past year and pretty much through our blogs probably knows pretty much everything about our family.  Anyway, I have joked around with him about meeting up for a ride a few times since he lives within spitting distance (assuming you are a really good spitter) from my office.  Out of the blue, he tweeted me (yes, it hurt a little) that we should do it.  While the mystery has been fun, I couldn’t say no, right?  So we met up today.

As far as the ride, yeah, we met up and went for a bike ride.  Really not much more to tell.  Is that anti-climactic?  I could say that he tried to kill me out in the west desert or that he is a giant who rides a purple unicorn, but neither of those would be terribly honest. It was cool and we agreed to do it again, but there wasn’t anything crazy to report. 

As for why he decided to out himself, I couldn’t quite grasp it.  My sense going in is that he was just tired of having a fake identity and knowing all these people, but not knowing any of them.  He kinda shut that down though…

I expect there will be some kind of moppish shenanigans during tour of utah again.

We can only hope.

The reality is that he had a helmet and glasses and stretchy pants on, so I may well STILL not recognize the guy in civies.


7 thoughts on “The Mop Exposed

  1. You never know with “The Mop”…..

    Even I don’t…

    I just roll…

    I should find a purple jersey and some yellow gloves… that would be awesome.

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