AB Crit Tomorrow

Yaaaahhh!! Good stuff from back in the day.  The pic is small, so you can’t see our packages so much.  Green shorts, maybe not the best choice.

Anyway, yeah, we just got in from CA night before last, but hey, gotta throw down for my man AB, so we are loading up the wagon once more.  And you know, there’s a kids’ race, so we might as well get the girls started early. Super amped.  Gotta give it up to Kelly for her willingness to get back in the wagon so soon.  The event is important to her too, though.

Pretty psyched about Jackson the following day as well as I’ve never been there.  Wish it was a little earlier though as we won’t make it home until quite late on Sunday night and then, ya know, back to the grind-er.

Now that I think about it, I could have my own mini-Super week by doing AB Crit Sat, Jackson Crit Sun, UVU Crit Mon, RMR Tues, DMV Wed… Not that I would, but you could.

Kelly did a great post on vay-cay, so I don’t have to.


2 thoughts on “AB Crit Tomorrow

  1. Hey fella,

    Sorry I missed the Crit this year. Can’t seem to find the results anywhere? How’d it go? Was our whole “team” in attendance?

    We need to catch up, it’s been a while.

  2. You were missed. It was awesome. So great to remember our guy. Bigger crowd and field than years’ past. Dustin and I lapped the field, and he took out the V, details on all that soon enough. Eki was planning on racing, but said he wasn’t feeling well.

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