Fire in the gut

That’s even better than a stomach full of anger.

So awhile back, I did the post on Tour of Utah… Yeah, that’s not happening. Even though I had the Eye of the Tiger and everything. My form isn’t bad, I’d give myself a shot at winning most any local race, but trying to do six days of pro racing is a bit unrealistic atm.  I will be bummed when the race is on for sure, but for today… things are good. Really good.

Not that I’ve been miserable, because I’ll be the first to say I’ve got a great thing going on…but for the first time in a long time, a few things that I’ve been working on look to be coming to fruition. Change is in the wind. And I feel a bit more like myself all of sudden.


2 thoughts on “Fire in the gut

  1. Hey fella, I hear there’s something to celebrate. I read it on twitter. I know, kinda dorky, hunh? Got to hang with Gardie on Cape Cod yesterday. He put the screws to me on the bike. I’m so out of shape…and I thought I was doing pretty OK. Anyway, congrats! Big step for sure. Cheers!

  2. Thanks, buddy! Yeah, I’ll have to do another post with that big news. Lots of other exciting stuff going down too that’s not quite fit for print yet. When it rains, it pours!

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