Lindon Days Crit

I probably pretty well covered it on FB, but yeah, small fields, but a good quality event despite some pretty iffy weather.

Nice course, just under 2 miles. Hopefully they can keep it up, as I think it would be a super good course with a big field and running it longer.  Anyway, I hit out early and Chase and E.T. came across to me.  Then Lang Reynolds from Hagens-Berman (in town for ToU, I suppose) came across, despite a pretty solid effort not to allow him to. Chase hit us with about a lap and a half to go and got a little gap, but we clawed it back. Then, just under a lap to go, everyone was looking at each other and hugging the right side of the road. I moved across to the left side, so I had like 20 meters just sitting on the opposite side of the road, dropped a couple gears, and the gap went out another 50 meters, no reaction, dropped a couple more, put my head down and pounded it out. I felt pretty good about my odds in a sprint, but if there gonna give you a gap… Anyway, I managed to stick it. So, sweetness for me.

Someone was taking pictures the whole time, so hopefully I’ll find those eventually. They did a podium presentation with the mayor after, so that was pretty sweet, even if Chase had already left.

It was pretty wet before the start and Sleevie slid out warming up and hurt his wrist. He’s getting an x-ray today, so hopefully it’s okay.

Anyway, like I said, hopefully they keep it up. Pretty much every town around these parts has their own “festival days” or similar. It would be sweet if they each had a well-supported race that was affiliated with the event, held where the crowds gather, etc.


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