Goings On

Lots going down atm. I didn’t even mention Haley and Morgan’s birthday parties, our anniversary, and I haven’t really delved into the house.  Usually I let Kelly handle the family stuff, she is better at it anyway, but ummm, yeah, the house. We put an offer on a house, offer was accepted. We love the house!! So, now I am just nervous… We have to refi this house (keeping it as a rental as there’s no money to be made selling it atm) before we can take a loan out on the other.  And, everyone is saying everything is in order, but I’m just nervous that something will get flagged at the last second and we’ll get hosed. Because we really love the house. 

So hopefully it all works out. Assuming it does, The Mop will have to give us some gardening tips as there is a huge garden and, umm, we don’t know much about gardening. 

Otherwise, there’s lots of other stuff on the burner that I’m trying to cook up, but isn’t quite ready for me to serve up for you just yet. Sometimes it would be easier to be anonymous, but I know that has its’ drawbacks as well…

That was going to be the end, but as a proud papa, I will drop a quick story about my girls as well.  On Saturday, Haley and I rode the tandem up Provo Canyon and met Kelly, Morgan and Piper at Vivian Park. Then, we rode home for a total of about 26 miles. You might think that would wipe a kid out, but we still did a family outing to the animal museum, and a stop for ice cream.  After that, we went home and I took the dogs for a run. Haley and Morgan both rode along for another couple miles.  They did great. I’m not one to push my kids towards a particular activity. At least not consciously!! But seriously, they are both developing healthy lifestyles and a good fitness base and that is a beautiful thing to me. And these are not things we ask them to do. They want to do it. I love it.


One thought on “Goings On

  1. Sweet…. Yep I’m all about the gardening tips. I like the Healty lifestyle of your kids thing…. Great Job… I’d suck at something like that.

    “Get on your bike …… NOW!!! You are going to love it!!!!! OR I”LL KILL YOU!!!”

    Yep… that would be me.

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