My Blog Sucks…

Give it time, I’ll get back on blogging form.

Just a lot going at the moment and I am kind of in a holding pattern waiting for anything concrete to happen. Hopefully the house is done next week. That will be a weight off everyone’s mind for sure…. Of course, then there’s the moving and the finding renters for this place… but we’ll worry about that later, right?

Yeah, that might not actually be the house.

Had a pretty good case of the watching the Tour of Utah blues. It’s one of those tough things. It sucks watching, but it would suck riding when you are not prep’d too.  So, Tour of Utah AMATEUR crit this weekend. Should be good. Course looks, umm, challenging. 

We call that “suffer face”.


5 thoughts on “My Blog Sucks…

  1. I think you need a transition week to get your blogging back on form. Just to be safe, you should make it a transition on the bike, too. No hard training efforts, no racing. Make sure you start this transition before the ToU amateur crit and don’t wrap it up until after. Because there are some Cat. 3s that will be in the field who, if they weren’t scared enough by the course itself, are not real, um, excited about dealing with the fallout of the watching the Tour of Utah blues.

  2. Dude, I see where you are going with this. And I really appreciate your concern with my well-being and blogging form. That said, I think I am still going to go ahead and race. I dunno, it just seems like racing form and blogging form kind go hand-in-hand around here.

  3. Have no fear…my blog has sucked in the past too. The blogging form comes and goes like form on a bike. I like to think of it as an outlet that some folks will read, and it’s also a good place to put down stuff to remember for myself….

    Your form will come back. It always does.

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