Not dead yet

So, where’d we leave off? Ah yes, blogging form sucks. No change there. It’s a cycling blog and without any cycling, there’s not much content. Here’s the quick and dirty- Friday- lunch meeting, no ride. Saturday- lone gunman in the tou booth, no ride (this one stung). Sunday- make up to the fambam for being gone all day Saturday, no ride. Monday and Tuesday- sales meetings, no rides. So yeah, five days off the bike. That never happens. No, these are not pre-excuses for sucking on Saturday at San Pete. In fact, I will, I will rock you.

On the plus side, our sales meetings were at Snowbird and I got to ride the tram for the first time. Wow. I will have to figure out a way to get there sometime when it is snowy.

Outside of an excessive amount of work recently, house bidness is the other thing going at the moment. One hiccup after another, but we seem to be finding an alternative route around every roadblock. Unfortunately, they all seem to be toll roads!!

Back to work.


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