Ho hum

So Bertie came up hot in the tour. I am not celebrating. I am glad when cheaters get nailed, but umm, he certainly looked more human this year. Winning the final TT last year and losing 5 minutes in it this year and all.  And clen? What the? Why bother? Maybe it is a set-up, like Pink Floyd. Oh yeah, I believe Floyd… now, when he says yes, I was on everything under the sun, except test. They know they need to axe him, so just come up with something.  Nothing would surprise me at this point.

Riis probably hasn’t sweat this much in a few years.



My Halloween costume is in the mail:

And once again, I find myself off the back and trying to play catch-up. 

Interbike was, umm, a big bike show with lots of bike stuff. I got out of the booth a little on Friday, but mostly just shaking hands and kissing babies. Got to see some cool stuff though.

I managed to avoid paying for dinner the whole trip, so I’ll call that a score.

Other highlights included watching Cross Vegas, walking to the old end of the strip with Tom B, and running into old homeboys.

In “what are the chances?” news, one of my homeboys/teammates from way back in high school, Mike D, happened to be staying in the same hotel on Friday night. This is odd since 1) he’s not in the bike industry and b) we grew up on the east coast.  Anyhoo, they (he and his girlfriend) did not arrive until midnight, which is rather late by my standards, but I had to dig deep and hang out for awhile.  It was good to see him as one of my all-time besties, it had been too long.

Stolen from FB (edit- it was centered on FB, but I don’t have the patience to fix it on the weblog):

Tons of random occurences that are blog worthy, but as I am technologically behind, what happened in Vegas will have to stay in Vegas.

Oh yeah, one funny thing… About half way through the week, I was walking through the smoke casino and I saw a young and attractive girl dressed conservatively and my immediate reaction was “that’s hot!”. It was just so out of the ordinary to see a young lady not hoochified.

Saturday was spent tearing down the booth and driving the slow boat home. It was uneventful, but I was more than ready to be home. Pretty sure, Kelly was ready for me to get home as well. She got a remarkable amount done in my absence, but we still have a lot to do getting the old house rented and everything set in the new.

Well, I am pretty tired now. Fairwell and adieu.

Off the Back…

Yes, I am. I was doing well there for a couple days. Oh, blogging, the toughest of all sports.

Anyway, I am going to try to keep this short, as it’s nearly 9:30 and the bed is calling me.  Yes, I am in Vegas, living it up. For me, that means a full nights’ sleep.  Maybe some shufflboard tomorrow if I feel up to it.

So, what a week! We got into the house, which was very exciting. Unfortunately, I had to work all week and then left for Vegas on Saturday, so I’ve left Kelly at home with much to do. And three kids. And two dogs who are still at the other house.  And if you think I am “buttering her up” by posting this, you’re wrong as one of the things she has to do is get the interwebs working, so she can’t even read it. At least not yet.

I was quite sick all week too, the last couple actually, so you can imagine how much fun that was.

Today we couldn’t do much of the set-up… we are constantly at the mercy of the union in this regard, so I went for a bike ride. Hadn’t ridden in forevers (due to moving/sickness/ibike prep) and cracked after a couple hours. Stopped in a ghetto taco bell and had lunch. The upside was that lunch cost me less than $5 with a drink, which I needed as it was probably close to triple digits. You can imagine I was looking pretty sweet in my stretch pants.The downside was umm, so far that wasn’t one… It was good, cheap, fast, the service was even good. Strange times.

I’ll let you think about that for awhile and I’ll call it a night.

Done Deal.


Sorry for the repetitious repetition for everyone who reads Kelly’s blog or is my “friend” on FB, but we got the docs signed right on the stroke of midnight last night. All three girls were awake and in the office with us, and surprisingly today wasn’t so bad.  We can’t actually get the keys until Monday night, which poses a small problem… Lots of people are offering to help with the move. Wait, no, that’s not the problem. The problem is that next week will be crazy at work as we have Interbike the following week… Yeah, when I say “help me move”, I really mean “move my stuff for me!” As much as this sounds like a great plan on my end, it’s really not cool.  But, we don’t have a choice and I am just glad that we are getting our move on.

Other randomness…

In other news, thanks for all the comments below. Looks like everyone thinks I should get a mountain bike. Except Kelly. And she is always right. I would really dig on a 29er, but I can get a cross bike and ride that all winter.  You stay warmer rolling on knobs and the position is like a road bike.  Wow, I am looking forward to it already… Anyway, I can always change my mind as none of this will transpire until after Ibike… then, I’ll have to sell the one bike, figure out what I want. It could be years…

Interbike to Anaheim. And in August. I think the location is okay, although geographically biased. The time of year is bad. Makes it tough on euro companies due to euro bike. And for the US dealers, it’s still during the still sort-of busy season, and the racing season (conflicts with master’z natzzz and Leadville- the Lotoja of dirt biking). Should have gone to SLC, though I do like getting out of town/the office. 

On that note, good luck to those riding Blotoja tomorrow. 206 miles- that sounds awful, but I sincerely wish you luck and speed.

Cross Bike or Mountain Bike??

First the good news, we have an appointment to sign away our lives all the docs tomorrow and umm, you know, own a new home. What this means to you, gentle reader, is that you won’t have to hear anything else about the loan process. Not that I’ve said much anyway, but for those that read both Kelly’s blog and mine (mom), I’m sure it’s getting tiresome.  So, anyway, fingers crossed.

I was going to do a poll on this, but for whatever reason it’s not showing up.  I probably have to change my lay-out, but I just don’t have that kind of commitment to this post, which probably won’t really affect my decision either way. 

I am selling my cross bike. I was going to just pocket the money (cue Idiocracy “I like money”), but then I thought that it might suck not to be able to rip trail when the opportunity presents itself.  It is still pretty much okay, but you know, if you’re going to work in the bike industry, you might as well have nice stuff. So… (without further ado)

should I replace the current bike with a (new) cross bike or a mountain bike? 

Please post response in the comments, and I can’t afford both!!

Biking Dumbness

So, I’m gonna get back to my roots and start making fun of pro biking again. It’s easy material and, for today, gives me something other than the house to think about.


The way I read this… two of your best riders sign for a new team, so you sign the only competition for them in the foreseeable future in grand tours and then come up with a stoopid excuse to leave one of them high and dry at the vuelta. I bet Riis would not have made this move if he was still shopping for a title sponsor!

Since I am now in the habit of re-posting other peoples’ tweets, I found this gem earlier (source unremembered and paraphrased):

Having Fuentes for a doctor is okay, but having a beer is not!

The Week in Review

I’m trying to get the blog back on track.

It’s been an up and down week. I went to Big Norm’s funeral on Wednesday. For those that don’t know, Norm II is the father of my teammate Norm Bryner (III) and has been at pretty close to every race that Norm has done as long as I’ve been in Utah. It was awful, and gut-wrenching and… inspirational. Yes, to hear from the family about the devotion he showed really moved me and made me want to be a better father. Normy gave a great talk.

Earlier in the week, 2 X TdF winner Laurent Fignon died of  cancer. Not someone I remotely can claim to know, but as someone tweeted “The 1989 TDF TT literally determined a big part of the direction I took in life.” And to finish that with another quote “and that has made all the difference”.

Friday began a four day weekend, so I was able to take Haley to school and pick her up and spend a good chunk of the day hanging out with my girls. Kelly rode with her dad in the morning and I still got a quick trip up S. Fork Provo Canyon in by  bicycle as well.

Saturday we took the fam-bam up, up, up into the Uintas- “the top of Utah”. Mirror Lake was crazy busy, but kids don’t care about that kind of stuff, so I didn’t either. It was ~65 degrees up there as opposed to 95 in the valleys. The girls were crazier than normal for whatever reason, but we had a fun day out. I’m sure Kelly will post pics soon.

Sunday I took Morgan out in the rikshaw for the first time in forever. Since we got the tandem, I have mostly dragged Haley around, but Morgan asked for a ride, so who am I to say no? I think she dug having all that room to herself, but she’ll have to make a spot for Piper soon enough.  We spent the afternoon cleaning out the house, in prep for the move. It’s amazing how much stuff you can get rid of.

Probably more of the same today and possibly purchasing a new fridge. D-day for the move is next Saturday, if the spirits are willing!