Biking Dumbness

So, I’m gonna get back to my roots and start making fun of pro biking again. It’s easy material and, for today, gives me something other than the house to think about.

The way I read this… two of your best riders sign for a new team, so you sign the only competition for them in the foreseeable future in grand tours and then come up with a stoopid excuse to leave one of them high and dry at the vuelta. I bet Riis would not have made this move if he was still shopping for a title sponsor!

Since I am now in the habit of re-posting other peoples’ tweets, I found this gem earlier (source unremembered and paraphrased):

Having Fuentes for a doctor is okay, but having a beer is not!


One thought on “Biking Dumbness

  1. I liked Myerson’s response that on his pro team they may make less money, but the team owner buys them beer instead of sending them home for having one.

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